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What’s Next? has pivoted toward a new future—more intentionally providing faith content for TV. Our decision was quickened by an opportunity with a new African-American TV network—Soul of the South Network (SSN)—to air three of our documentaries, beginning in late July. Launched in May 2013, SSN currently has 16 stations carrying its programming. Its largest affiliate, […] Read More

Secular partisan division is increasingly occupying and harming congregations. So observed a mainstream North Carolina pastor, who told me last week that “politics is destroying the church.” Only a few years ago, one could assume that many right-wing theological churches were encamped in the Republican Party, the broad cross-section of churches was mostly nonpartisan, and […] Read More

A Sudanese court sentenced a pregnant, Christian physician to 100 lashes and death for being married to a Christian man. Her only reprieve is to renounce her Christianity and return to Islam. Born to a father who was Muslim and mother who was Ethiopian Orthodox, Yehya Ibrahim was raised as a Christian after her father […] Read More

Upon hearing that the Black Keys were playing a private concert in Nashville last week–broadcast around the world by SiriusXM radio–I vaguely recognized the band’s name. But I wondered, “What’s the big deal? Who are The Black Eyed Peas? What’s so special about a group to which I don’t listen?” Black Keys does sound like […] Read More

Political posturing is more important than plight of the undocumented–apparently for Washington politicians who are more concerned about short-term gain than either the long-term economic good or doing the right moral thing on the immigration front. Politically cynical? Perhaps. Realistically honest? Likely. Both political parties relentlessly blame the other as the nation relentlessly detains and […] Read More

Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), took the right course of action, albeit a highly controversial one, in admitting a Muslim student to the school’s doctoral program. According to Religion News Service, the Southern Baptist Convention’s largest seminary admitted Ghassan Nagagreh, a Palestinian and Sunni Muslim, to the doctoral program last year. […] Read More

Before Boko Haram abducted some 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, drawing global condemnation, Baptist and Islamic colleagues met in Washington, D.C., in October 2012 to explore a collaborative response to this Islamic terrorist group. That meeting grew out of the deep anxiety among Nigerian Baptists at the Baptist World Alliance gathering in Santiago, Chile. They spoke with […] Read More

Alabama Republican state Sen. Cam Ward gave a candid – even courageous – interview about prison reform, acknowledging root systemic issues and pressing for changes. He said Alabama has “the most overcrowded, underfunded system in the United States today at 190 percent capacity.” Ward’s interview appeared as Alabama struggles to address its broken corrections system […] Read More

Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics from the song “Streets of Philadelphia” have never been more haunting. “I heard voices of friends vanished and gone … Night has fallen, I’m lyin’ awake. I can feel myself fading away,” he sings. Two of my academic mentors, noted Baptist ethics professors, each passed away on Saturdays – one week apart. […] Read More

Good and Evil. Constructive and destructive. Transformation and degeneration. Has such not always been the interlocking nature with the technology of communication? TV brings into our homes inspiring stories about the better angels among us, alerts us to impending danger (tornadoes and hurricanes), exposes corporate, governmental and ecclesiastical untruthfulness, evaluates facts, makes us laugh, causes […] Read More