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Alabama voters will choose their next United States senator on Dec. 12. Let me be clear: I’m not endorsing a candidate or telling readers how they should vote. Rather, I’m urging Christians not to disregard their moral compass when they enter the voting booth. The two primary candidates running for office are Judge Roy Moore […] Read More

We desperately need Advent this year, more than any time I can remember. This season of waiting with expectation and preparing for the coming of Christmas offers a time for Christians to reflect upon our lives and the world around us. It is a season for understanding that our need for the Immanuel persists. Disciples […] Read More

President Donald J. Trump attempted to honor Navajo Code Talkers on Monday, Nov. 26, in the Oval Office. While the president’s intent was commendable, his language and the image on the wall behind him sent a very different message. Trump used this special moment to take a dig at one of his political enemies, Sen. […] Read More

I was one of the many Christians believing God created women for a subservient role to men. Growing up in fundamentalist Baptist churches, it was instilled in me for more than two decades that God created women to “help” men; women were to serve their husbands and children. This was the divine construct of God’s […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics and want to challenge each of you to help your neighbor by supporting a local social agency in your community during this season of Thanksgiving. To that end, we’re launching #EthicsDailyLocal – an exciting initiative to empower people of faith to support their local agencies engaged in transformative work. […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics (BCE) has been informing Baptists about ethical and social justice issues for more than 25 years. When the founder and previous executive director, Robert Parham, established BCE, he envisioned an independent organization free to examine and offer insight into culture’s most perplexing ethical issues. Now, it is my great honor […] Read More

What is the mission of the Baptist Center for Ethics, better known as, and how do we pursue that mission? Perhaps answering these two core questions ought to be an annual exercise. Reminding our constituency of our mission and how we do it helps avoid false expectations and unrealistic demands. It helps nurture clearer […] Read More

Opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees was vigorous before President Trump’s executive order banning them from entering the country. A majority of Americans – 54 percent – expressed opposition in November 2015 to the United States accepting Syrian refugees, according to a Washington Post and ABC News poll, reported Time magazine. About the same […] Read More

What Is the Trump Wall?

President Trump wants to wall out the undocumented. Does he want the wall to keep in the dreamers? Trump issued an executive order last week that authorized the building of a U.S.-Mexican border barrier that will run for 2,000 miles. The wall was defined as a “contiguous, physical wall or other similarly secure, contiguous and […] Read More

The Bible was on display at President Trump’s inauguration – different versions, different texts, different symbolisms. Three Bibles had the symbolic value of tying the president and vice president to the honored past. Vice President Pence had his hand on President Reagan’s King James Version. It was opened to 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, […] Read More