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Author Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb

I have been praying hard for the last couple of weeks while trying to make something happen that I needed to happen in a right-now-Lord kind of a way. A couple of times I came at the Lord like the stubborn widow in the parable who pestered the unjust judge so much that he just threw up […] Read More

When I look out my window or walk outside, I cannot help but notice the lush color of the grass and trees surrounding me. The begonias in my window boxes, which weeks ago were in a heat-induced coma and grasping for life, are now full and thriving. Most of the other flowers in the boxes […] Read More

As I was driving in the early morning rain to a meeting, insight from my walk the day before crystallized. I want my faith journey to be like a labyrinth and not like a maze. I want to promote peace, not confusion; to bring healing, not hurt. I want the prayer, “Lord make me an instrument […] Read More

Prathia L. Hall is one of those women I wished I had met somewhere along the way. I’m sure I would have been enthralled and moved to shout “Amen” by the force of her preaching. And I would have been excited to learn from her Bible teaching or scholarly lectures. If I had met her […] Read More

As I was pondering this column and also reflecting on a quick Skype conversation I had with my daughter, Philip Yancey’s book, “Finding God in Unexpected Places,” found me. Chapter 38’s title, “Don’t Forget to Laugh,” especially caught my attention. The book has been on my shelf for several years now (I have the 1995 […] Read More

On separate occasions recently, friends have pointed me to George Washington Carver’s prayer practices. Carver’s name is most often heard during Black History Month, the time when a pantheon of black heroes and she-roes are pulled from dusty textbooks and teachers’ guides and paraded before restless audiences. Rarely do the historical tidbits of their lives […] Read More

I read an uplifting story in the Washington Post about a dedicated prayer group. The story is about a group of 100 people in the Washington, D.C., area who are committed to keeping prayer alive. The Prayer Union Meeting of Washington, D.C., and Vicinity has been meeting since about 1900 when it was started by a deacon […] Read More

What if the leaders of nine major black denominations came together to work for the betterment of their collective churches and the African-American community? What if their 50,000 congregations ramped up advocacy efforts in their communities in the areas of economic empowerment, social justice and public policy, education and health? What if this combined, coordinated […] Read More

The news was good from my recent routine doctor’s visit. Keep doing what you’re doing, the doctor told me as she noted that I also had lost five pounds since my last annual check-up. But an hour or so later, my mind switched from my physical well-being to my spiritual care. While taking a short walk after […] Read More

At the recent D.C. Baptist Convention, I witnessed what happens when individuals and churches allow God to use them for his greater glory. With all the craziness I have read or heard lately about what some churches and church leaders are doing, it is inspiring to see God’s hand at work among churches in the Washington, […] Read More