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Author Wissam al-Saliby

Wissam al-Saliby is a UN Geneva Advocacy Officer with the World Evangelical Alliance.

When national rulers oppress their own people and abuse their power for personal wealth and prestige, how should Christians respond to the corruption and injustice? These 5 responses help answer that question. […] Read More

White nationalism is a growing global phenomenon. In some countries, evangelicals have been accused of complicity. Here are 4 ways your church can take a stand against the rise of white nationalism. […] Read More

While evangelicals have no illusions that worldly systems are or can ever be perfect, the work evangelicals do with the United Nations to protect religious freedom matters. […] Read More

Despite dissatisfaction from many evangelicals, the United Nations has brought much needed attention to violations of freedom of religion or belief that would otherwise go unnoticed. […] Read More

At the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva in March, a man sitting next to me was writing in Arabic the statement that he would be reading to the council. Adel was a Tunisian head of a nonprofit. I said hello in Arabic, and we introduced ourselves and exchanged cards. He looked down at […] Read More

A greater and general regression is ongoing with respect to fundamental human rights in the stable states in the Middle East and North Africa – a trend that necessitates understanding the West’s collusion with human rights violations in the region. This Western collusion can range from political support at the United Nations Security Council to […] Read More

The Facebook page of an Egyptian friend of mine was deactivated recently following his arrest by government authorities so that the opinions he expressed could not be used against him during investigations. This seeming human rights violation by Egyptian authorities is symptomatic of a greater and general regression with respect to fundamental human rights in […] Read More

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating alleged crimes committed in the occupied Palestinian territories since June 2014. Israel condemned this move. Hamas welcomed it, even though its actions will also be under ICC scrutiny. The announcement drew the ire of some Western media platforms and many U.S. politicians. Christian are called to “learn to […] Read More

A few weeks ago, I had driven a woman and her children to my church service. She had escaped to Lebanon from a North African country following persecution. She had come to faith in Jesus Christ and became a Christian, but her family could not accept this. On the way to church, she explained to […] Read More

The Syrian war has become one of the widest scale challenges to children’s rights. Recent global initiatives highlighted the need for mobilizing resources to provide education to hundreds of thousands of refugee and displaced children. Recruitment of children by armed groups and their use in war efforts need to be highlighted as well. In a […] Read More