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Author Vickey Casey

Injustice often goes unchallenged where access to legal advice is limited. Knowledge really is power in countries such as Mozambique and Uganda, but telling people they have rights is only half the battle. Making affordable legal services available is another challenge altogether. The Association of Mozambican Christian Lawyers (AMAC) and Ugandan Christian Lawyers Fraternity (UCLF) […] Read More

Angella nearly lost 18,000 Mozambican meticals (approximately $553), money that it took her years to save, when she tried to buy a piece of land. The original owner refused to give her the legal documents despite multiple requests for them. Eventually, she asked for her money back but he refused. Angella had no idea what […] Read More

Pain and sadness filled Thiri’s voice as she told her story to the Compasio Community Team and BMS World Mission workers Brian and Lydia English. Though hearing through translation, the Englishes could see Thiri holding back tears as she spoke. A few years ago, Thiri’s husband left their home on the outskirts of Mae Sot […] Read More

In a country ravaged by violence less than a decade ago, the people in one Ugandan city are regaining their sense of community, independence and financial stability, thanks to BMS World Mission worker Alex Vickers and Ugandan supported partner worker Acaye Genesis. How are they doing this? With pigs, of course. In August 2013, 16 […] Read More

Conditions are deteriorating in east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley and the surrounding area. One snowstorm has ended and another is forecast to begin soon, further chilling the already frozen Syrian refugees in Bekaa Valley. They are struggling to keep their makeshift camps warm and dry this Christmas season. Among those hard at work helping people who […] Read More

There are no experienced doctors in most rural Nepalese hospitals. Without the access to general practitioners, the rural poor can either scrape together what money they have for a private doctor in Kathmandu or die in their homes. Limited access to adequate and affordable health care, poor hospital staff relationships and little-to-no palliative care are […] Read More