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Author Tony W. Cartledge

If it weren’t for Martha Stearns Marshall, there’s a good chance I would not be a Baptist today. I can count seven generations of Baptist blood in my family, and all of it started with what seemed to be an unfortunate incident – until you see how it turned out. The first Cartledges in America […] Read More

I took note of two public statements in recent days that must have been calculated to draw attention because both were – in my humble opinion – preposterous. Former – and probably future – presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who is also a Baptist preacher, has been touring Israel as the guest of the “Jewish Reclamation […] Read More

Two good friends of mine had a harrowing experience yesterday: an 18-year-old daughter went missing on the way home from a long-distance visit with friends the previous night. A frantic day of path-tracing, phone calls, visits with police and contacts with the cell phone company bore no fruit but exhaustion – she was nowhere to […] Read More

So, the nation’s economic malaise finally worked its way down to your job as a staff minister, support person or preschool teacher at a church or other non-profit organization. That’s bad, you think, but at least you can draw unemployment while looking for another job. Think again. While most employers are required to make quarterly […] Read More

News from the past week puts in written form what most of us know either instinctively or from personal experience: The nation’s economic malaise is directly impacting both church budgets and the ministries those budgets support. Receipts are down in at least 57 percent of churches, according to the National Association of Church Business Administration, […] Read More

I Want to Go to Iraq

Not today, or tomorrow. Probably not for several years, and certainly not as a soldier — but I want to go to Iraq. I want to go as a tourist, a student, a pilgrim of sorts. I want to see where Western civilization was born, where writing was invented, where ziggurats once reached for the […] Read More

GREENSBORO, N.C. — How can Baptists maintain an effective witness into their fifth century of existence? More than 400 participants gathered at First Baptist Church Feb. 9 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Baptist movement and to anticipate what the fifth century of Baptist life might hold. Sponsored by Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North […] Read More

Was the invention of the birth control pill a good thing or a bad thing? Most people, I suspect, have never considered the options. In a world of limited resources that continues to be threatened by overpopulation, there are good arguments for seeing the invention of the pill as a boon to humankind: the earth’s […] Read More

You Say It Yahweh

Should Christians avoid pronouncing the name “Yahweh” out of deference to the Jews, as the Vatican has declared? It’s a good thing Rev. Dunn is Baptist, because if he were Roman Catholic he would no longer be allowed to say “Yahweh,” at least during the liturgy. U.S. bishops recently sent a letter to local dioceses […] Read More

The David we find in 2 Samuel 11-20 is a man who loses focus, loses his leadership ability, and ultimately loses both his kingdom and much of his legacy. Unfortunately, as Paul Harvey would say, there’s “the rest of the story.” David remains a perfect icon for emulation throughout the account in 1 Chronicles, but […] Read More