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Author Tony Peck

Tony Peck is general secretary of the European Baptist Federation.

Recently, I visited the offices of the Czech Baptist Union in Prague, whose leaders of these past few years have become my respected friends. They are always supportive of the European Baptist Federation (EBF) and were gracious about the decision of the EBF and International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS) to relocate from Prague to Amsterdam, […] Read More

Citizenship is about identity, belonging and – in the European Union, at least – how the individual plays his or her part in the building of a democratic society. One helpful definition I read recently was: “Citizenship is the way we live together and organize our lives together despite the differences among us and between […] Read More

“Embracing diversity” seemed to be a main theme running through the European Baptist Federation’s (EBF) Youth and Children’s Workers’ Conference, which ended in Prague recently. I always enjoy attending this conference each year. We have some amazingly gifted national leaders of youth and children’s work. I love to meet them, to hear something of their stories, […] Read More

It was a very long table. And round it we were crammed together, ambassadors, representatives of various foreign ministries, nongovernmental organizations and a few assorted religious leaders like me. This was my first “Wilton Park” Conference. I learned that Wilton Park is an agency associated with the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office but semi-detached from it.  […] Read More

It has been hard to watch again an escalation of the ongoing tragedy which is Gaza. One of the three Christian churches in Gaza is a Baptist church and a member of the Evangelical Council of Local Baptist Churches in the Holy Land, which is itself a member of the European Baptist Federation. Christians in […] Read More

In some ways it is a forgotten region of the world. It is the place of the legendary Silk Road, where exotic silks and spices travelled over some of the most beautiful but inhospitable mountain terrain in the world, in order to arrive at their destinations in Europe.  So central Asia is a meeting place […] Read More

Are Baptists Protestants?

Are Baptists Protestants? I have pondered this question as I have attended the Assembly of the Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy, during these past days.  The European Baptist Federation (EBF) is not a full member of CPCE because of our position on baptism.  We have an […] Read More

To an outsider, the main impetus for the New Baptist Covenant, supported by 30 Baptist denominations and groups in North America might seem clear: an opportunity for the Baptists of North America to re-group after the years of controversy centered on the Southern Baptist Convention and its withdrawal from the Baptist World Alliance. And certainly […] Read More