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Author Tony Peck

Tony Peck is general secretary of the European Baptist Federation.

Baptists as a whole have had a mixed record of defending human rights. Many tend to be vulnerable to the danger of being so grateful for their religious freedom that they won’t rock the boat and defend human rights. […] Read More

The land of Egypt is a powerful symbol in the Bible of the liberation of God’s people from slavery and the journey to the Promised Land, in what we call the Exodus. Egypt also has its place in the Christmas story. To escape the murderous intent of Herod, the family of Jesus fled to Egypt […] Read More

The splendid surroundings of the Speaker’s House in the Palace of Westminster in London were the backdrop for the launch of a report by the United Kingdom All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for International Freedom of Religion or Belief. I represented the European Baptist Federation at the release of “Article 18: From Rhetoric to Reality.” […] Read More

It was just a few years ago that I encountered for myself the horror that is simply known to the world as Srebrenica. With the leader of the Baptists in Bosnia-Herzegovina, I travelled to Portacari just outside Srebrenica, now in the Republika Srpska, the semi-autonomous Serb province of the country. There we saw the neat […] Read More

European Baptists were challenged to change their language about the coming of so many refugees to Europe. Rather than seeing ourselves as playing our part in meeting a “crisis,” we should see the presence of so many refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other places as a welcome “blessing.” Speakers at European Baptist Federation’s (EBF’s) […] Read More

A group of refugees from religious persecution in England made their way to The Netherlands in 1609 and found a welcome in what was then a more tolerant society in Amsterdam. As Separatists from the English state church, they brought with them their own convictions of what a church faithful to Jesus Christ should look […] Read More

The Easter greeting – “Christ is Risen!” – is said not only on Easter Sunday but also throughout the whole Easter season in Ukraine. It is used as a greeting of one Christian to another meeting in the street or elsewhere. The answering response – “He is risen, indeed!” – seems to bring the reality […] Read More

It has been 50 years since Baptist pastor and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. made his “I Have a Dream” speech in front of Washington, D.C. Reaching deep into the prophecy of Isaiah, this modern prophet memorably held out before his dream of a time when racism and prejudice against African-Americans would be […] Read More

Like many others, I have been shocked and saddened by the loss of life in Cairo and elsewhere this past week as the Egyptian military has cracked down on the protesters supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and the ousted President Morsi. Some of the TV pictures have been truly horrifying, showing unarmed civilians gunned down in […] Read More

I often wake up and think what a privilege it is to work for the European Baptist Federation (EBF). Only very occasionally do I consider the other possibility! The heart of the privilege, for me, is centered on travelling around Europe and the Middle East, and seeing firsthand some of the surprising, not to say […] Read More