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Author Terry Smith

Terry Smith is executive director of Canadian Baptist Ministries.

Canadian Baptists have sought to faithfully walk alongside and accompany “the other” wherever we’ve been called to serve. As a result, we issued a formal apology in 2016 to our First Nations brothers and sisters. […] Read More

When it comes to interfaith dialogue, churches need to act more like 10-year-olds, learning to weave discussions of faith and practice between religions with the ease and fluidity one sees in the playground. […] Read More

For nearly 10 years (1991-99), the country of Algeria was plunged into a horrific civil war. The brutality was unimaginable as an estimated 60,000 to 200,000 people were killed. Ironically, few in the Western world were aware of what was happening until Cistercian monks living in northern Algeria were massacred in 1996. They had been […] Read More