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Author Terry Austin

One of the major emphases among church health specialists the past few years is the need to create an atmosphere that is “friendly” to visitors (or guests, as they are preferably called). Churches have responded well, and it is quite common to find a friendly environment upon entering a church in this day and age. […] Read More

It’s that time again when we must select a new candidate to run for president of the United States. Therefore, I have put together a list of 10 qualities I would like to see in our new president. By the way, my use of the pronoun “he” does not mean I am excluding a woman, […] Read More

I was a pastor in a small rural community many years ago, and one of the big events was the annual school board election. The community was small enough that everyone knew everyone else, including all their weaknesses and strengths. Consequently, no one ever campaigned for election to the school board. In fact, nobody really […] Read More

I had an unusual experience on Facebook recently: a civil conversation with someone who disagreed with me about a controversial situation. This doesn’t happen often so it is certainly worth nothing. However, that does not mean the comments made by others in the midst of our discussion were civil. The conversation began with the story […] Read More

I quit driving a couple of years ago for health reasons; my driving was so bad that the health of others was in jeopardy. Just kidding (somewhat). Why I quit doesn’t matter. But I still had a valid driver’s license to take care of any identification needs that might arise. Even after the license expired […] Read More

The recent death of a good friend, Omer Ritchie, saddened everyone in our little church. Omer provided a powerful demonstration of how Christians can love one another in spite of theological differences. Reflecting on this unique relationship exposes some truths that can help all of us get along better. First, we all serve the same […] Read More

I stumbled into Christian stewardship quite by accident. It was not on my list of interests or career choices, but following God is not like mapping out the shortest route on your GPS. As a child I learned to tithe from my father. It was never a legalistic type of thing where you have to […] Read More


Having been in one of those Billy Graham evangelistic movies nearly 50 years ago, I consider myself qualified to provide a legitimate review of a Christian movie. The movie is “Noah.” Since there was so much buzz about the film, I anticipated big crowds. We purchased tickets online to avoid long lines. It appeared to […] Read More