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Author Terrell Carter

Terrell Carter is vice president of community life and chief diversity officer at Greenville University in Greenville, Illinois, and pastor of Webster Groves Baptist Church. His most recent books are "Learning to Be the Church in a New World: Recognizing and Overcoming the Challenges to Organized Faith in the 21st Century" and "Police on a Pedestal: Responsible Policing in a Culture of Worship."

Our journey through Lent mirrors the cheese, mice and mazes in the business fable, ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ When circumstances change, do we continue on despite the change or do we get angry and frustrated? […] Read More

We all enjoy the glory days, but we don’t have to live in them or their shadows. Instead, we can learn to be the church in our new world, asking God to make us wise so we can rightly do what God has called us to do. […] Read More

Some folks may prefer otherwise, but the ability to follow the rules isn’t the defining factor for being welcomed into God’s kingdom because following the law can’t make a person acceptable before God. […] Read More

“Why don’t more black men attend our churches?” I was asked this question recently by a white woman while attending a meeting for a religious denomination. Although the denomination loves people of all races and has made concerted efforts to increase the diversity of people groups attending its meetings, minority representation at this particular event […] Read More

Once upon a time, there were laws in place to prohibit the following things from occurring in the state of Missouri, the state where I live. For example, it was unlawful for a milkman to run while delivering milk, or for clothes to be hung outdoors on clotheslines in order for them to dry, or […] Read More

Although there are many lines that divide our country today, the most visible and contentious one is the line of race – in particular how black and white people perceive and act toward each other. The reality of tension between people groups isn’t unique to our time. Racial and social tensions have been present throughout […] Read More

“Sesame Street” was one of my favorite television shows as a child. The segment on the show that I most looked forward to seeing regularly was the one where characters would figure out what object in a group of four things didn’t belong. The lyrics for the song in this segment were: “Three of these […] Read More

Leaders with our churches are facing several challenges in the 21st century. Our society is growing increasingly more secular, and religious belief has become privatized. It seems like every week new information is released that shows that local churches are decreasing in size and influence. For churches that aren’t decreasing in size, there are internal […] Read More

There are multiple issues on which the U.S. Supreme Court has made rulings or will make rulings in the very near future. I do not wish to address the specific cases, but rather the dominant attitude of separation that seems to be regularly espoused by some Christians. This attitude leads people to avoid associating or […] Read More

Through the actions of one reprehensible person, our nation has been reminded that evil is alive and well. Understandably, this unconscionable act of killing nine people during a Bible study at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, has shaken many people. When senseless violence occurs, it’s natural for us to respond with […] Read More