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Author Tarris D. Rosell

Tarris Rosell is professor of pastoral theology–ethics and ministry praxis at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Kansas, and holds the Rosemary Flanigan Chair at the Center for Practical Bioethics.

Some of us admirably keep the greatest commandments – loving God and loving your neighbor – but most of us fail to do these Christian ethics. Loving your neighbor means more than being neighborly. It’s hard but not impossible. […] Read More

“Cynic,” and its derivatives, is surely among the biggest “diss” words of this wartime era. While cynicism is real and dangerous, charges of such occur regularly in conversation and print as a means of dismissing the socio-political critique or queries of those less than enamored by the current U.S. administration and its allies. Some recent […] Read More

The elderly widow cried as she told a visiting pastor about her husband’s death a decade earlier. My morally distressed congregant gave voice to a significant problem in pastoral care and bioethics, arising out of the lived experience of numerous family caregivers. More recently, another family has been making news over the contested distinction between […] Read More

Clergy historically were known as “Doctors of the Church.” Physicians more recently have been called by numerous cultural critics the new “high priests” of our society. Both professions attend to a community cohort referred to simply as “patients”–the sufferers. A committee of clergy and clinicians in Kansas City have noted this situation as a problem […] Read More

Mention the acronym “HIPAA” to a roomful of clergy and the immediate response is frustration. Six months after full implementation, it appears that the HIPAA Privacy Rule is not well understood by some hospital personnel and religious leaders. As a result, confusion is rampant as to what the imposed regulations actually state and require. Care […] Read More

Four alliterative words come to mind this Fourth of July holiday: freedom, fundamentalism, finances, and faith. Freedom is less spoken on our Independence/Freedom Day than other f-words like flag, fun and firecrackers. This year, however, some of us are thinking about freedom and its erosion by act of Congress. The so-called Patriot Act and establishment […] Read More

Four months ago, headlines in newspapers around the world announced the unfolding saga of apparent medical error occurring within a university hospital with international name recognition. The newsworthiness of this particular mistake surely had something to do with its origin at Duke, and that it involved the widely heralded “miracle” medicine of organ transplantation. Public […] Read More

Few medical interventions have captured the moral imagination of Western societies as solid organ transplantations have. The image verges on the miraculous as lives are improved and extended. But transplant medicine casts a shadow that pastors encounter when parishioners become patients. Public and private efforts promote “organ donor awareness” for the potential benefit of some […] Read More