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Author Steve Davis

Steve Davis is the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Carrollton, Georgia, and the author of “From the News to the Pews.”

We should beware the damage we can cause with an ill-spoken word, but that shouldn’t prevent us from sharing a kind word whenever we can. When it comes to our speech, don’t be a one-hit wonder. […] Read More

To some degree, the world we see shapes our reality. Perhaps you know the following colloquial short story. A Chinese emperor saw some men leading an ox down the street, headed for the temple where the ox would be slaughtered in a religious ceremony. The emperor was so moved by seeing the ox being taken […] Read More

A trip across town to Target sealed the deal. The deal it sealed was that I became a fan of Mumford and Sons. The trip across town was for the purchase of their CD, “Sigh No More.” As I headed back to the office, I listened intently to the lyrics of their songs. They are […] Read More