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Author Shane McNary

Shane McNary, along with his wife Dianne, are Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel ministering among the Roma people in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

How should people committed to the teachings of Jesus respond to genocide? If Christians are going to stand in solidarity and empathy with those who have been marginalized, we must practice these four steps – at a minimum. […] Read More

Voltaire’s formulation about the indispensability of God has been applied frequently to the United Nations, “If the United Nations did not exist, it would be necessary to invent it.” The U.N.’s charter was signed in June 1945 and went into effect the following October. Its purpose was to promote peace following World War II. It […] Read More

I had the opportunity to speak to U.S. Sen. John Boozman (R-Arkansas) in Washington, D.C. The experience confirmed for me simple truths about community, about the responsibility we all have to be involved in the political process, and about how authentic transformation is made possible through love even with the immense power that governments wield. […] Read More

In Bill Moyers interview with Wendell Berry, Berry stated: “Learn all you can about where you are.” The comment reflects a commitment to contextualization as it relates to farming and ethical use of the land. As important as context is to farming, how much more important is contextualization to our relationships with people? One of […] Read More