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Author Seth Vopat

I experienced one of those moments recently in which you know what’s about to happen is going to be important for you. You don’t know why, but you have a sense that you’re going to experience a transformative moment. An encounter with Frank X Walker at a writing workshop in October was one of these […] Read More

I was initiated into adulthood through more than the traditional graduation from high school. I will never forget that summer because I was excited to be participating in the National American Baptist Youth Gathering as a small group leader. My anticipation of an incredible week quickly turned into a nightmare when I learned one of […] Read More

I have been a fan of Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games” trilogy for several years and have incorporated clips from the first movie into my ministry on a variety of occasions. In Collins’ fictional dystopian future, the country of Panem (formed from the remains of North America) is ruled by a small, wealthy minority in the […] Read More

I often ask members of my youth group how their relationship with God is going. Sometimes I get typical one-word answers such as “good” or “OK,” and the conversation moves on. Other times, there is a longer engagement as they wrestle with the question. Some are excited as they talk about how they see God […] Read More

Like many, I find Rachel Held Evans to be a thought-provoking writer. I recently came across a post on her blog titled “It’s a Miracle Any of Us Survived Youth Group.” It was a Twitter compendium of games played in youth groups, which highlighted youth ministries’ most embarrassing moments and, for some, the most hurtful. […] Read More

A century has almost passed, but it is perhaps one of the most remarkable events to ever occur amid so much hatred and animosity. The significance of the event can only be stated in terms of the miraculous. It was the eve of Christmas 1914, the first of four celebrated amid abysmal years immersed in […] Read More

I sat in the audience mesmerized, listening to the speaker intently. About halfway through his talk, I began wondering if I had to walk a mile in his shoes, would I have persevered? Would I have stuck with it, resulting in the opportunity to share an incredible testimony? I had the privilege recently to spend […] Read More

After last Easter, I decided it was time to go back and read through some of the biblical texts that I seldom visit. Since I have read through Genesis on numerous occasions, I started with Exodus whose narrative format makes it an easy read. I quickly read through this book, but then I came to […] Read More

Last Tuesday, another Apple product release came and went, leaving critics and consumers wanting. With consumers less than wowed by this latest release, many are wondering if Apple has lost its ability to amaze. As a fan of Apple, and as a current owner of both a MacBook Air and iPhone 4, I can’t help […] Read More

“You only live once!” This phrase has become so popular that it has its own website, hashtag and acronym (YOLO). The first time I became aware of this phrase was when I shared a devotional message with a large group of middle school students. “What is the meaning of life?” I said, asking them to […] Read More