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Author Sean McKenzie

Sean McKenzie is a Methodist in Calhoun, Georgia, who teaches high school and holds a doctorate in political theory from the University of Florida.

President Obama very, very briefly mentioned immigration reform in his State of the Union. Opponents of comprehensive reform argue that given the state of the economy and the political shot heard round the world in Massachusetts, this is no time for another controversial initiative. They are wrong. Now is the time to push a bill […] Read More

Immigration reform as a political issue has been lost as we scream at each other endlessly over health care, who to blame for high unemployment, and the relative virtues and vices of Sarah Palin and President Obama. Then along comes Lou Dobbs. Dobbs recently “retired”¬†from CNN as the result of a large-scale effort by Latino […] Read More

A recent Harvard study estimates that 45,000 Americans die per year because they don’t have health insurance. Therefore, a health-care bill that allows 36 million uninsured to get some form of health coverage would likely save tens of thousands of American lives per year, more each year than the total number of American soldiers who […] Read More

President Obama has bravely announced that he will push comprehensive immigration reform this year. He is fulfilling a campaign promise, and he is doing the right thing. Opponents of the move are already upset about the timing of the announcement, arguing that a deep recession is no time to be taking steps that might make […] Read More

On Dec. 5, Mitt Romney gave an excellent speech at Texas A&M University about the relationship between church and state. He asked evangelicals to take an inclusive outlook toward his Mormon faith, and he urged Americans not to exclude the language of faith from our national discourse. He correctly argued that faith has always been […] Read More

Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics describe an America big enough for immigrants and immigration, decent enough to remember that those who come here are driven by their desperate faith in the American Dream, and hopeful enough to acknowledge that though this country can at times be a very hard land, American joy, goodness, generosity, and heroism are […] Read More

Immigration and the Law

Over and over in the Old Testament, we are admonished to be kind to “the widow, the orphan, and alien.” In the New Testament Christ admonishes us to welcome the stranger: “When I was a stranger you took me in ¬¶whatever you do for the least of these brothers of mine, so also you do […] Read More

On Sept. 16, Latino church groups demonstrated in front of the Georgia state Capitol against the failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and against the provisions of Georgia’s Senate Bill 529. Demonstrations of this sort have taken place around the country, and churches have begun to work together to provide sanctuary for the undocumented. Moral […] Read More