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Author Sarah Stone

We’re the smartphone, social media generation. We were raised to share our opinions, to speak our minds. By the age of 21, millions of us had significant education debt. We were taught we could be anything, anyone, we wanted to be. But that’s a lot of pressure. We don’t really know what we want. So […] Read More

Nepal’s two major earthquakes earlier this year shattered the lives of millions of people. Now nationwide fuel shortages, caused by more than two months of blockades along the border with India, mean life for people in Nepal is even more precarious. “It feels like it’s getting serious now,” says Simon Hall, a BMS World Mission […] Read More

A cold-blooded killer, Ebola has claimed more than 9,000 lives across West Africa since the outbreak began in December 2013. Thirteen months later, a BMS World Mission doctor serving in Guinea says that the number of new Ebola cases is decreasing and that he hopes to see the epidemic end within the next six months. […] Read More

Contemporary cinema is asking five key questions, a speaker at Catalyst Live said. Questions that, if we are willing to engage, Christians can help society answer. What do “Sherlock Holmes,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Tangled,” “Inception,” “Batman” and “Love Actually” have to do with Christianity? At Catalyst Live, Tom Price, tutor at the Oxford Centre […] Read More

In an exclusive interview for BMS World Mission’s Catalyst Live in Reading, England, renowned theologian Walter Brueggemann spoke about greater honesty, the purpose of preaching and the sentence he wishes he’d written differently. The Catalyst Live audience in Reading enjoyed a taste of Brueggemann’s theology through an interview with Mark Ord, co-director of BMS World […] Read More

A child with Down’s syndrome was allegedly abandoned by his Australian parents and left in the care of his surrogate mother in Thailand. The child’s story has been making international headlines. Yet, tragically abandoned babies and hopeless futures for children with special needs are not unusual in Thailand. Judy Cook, a BMS World Mission worker […] Read More

When mission workers are caught in a country facing a crisis, there are three options: evacuate, relocate to a safer part of the country or hibernate in a safe place until the conflict comes to an end. Louise Brown and her family chose hibernation. She and her husband, Arthur, had been BMS workers in Beirut, […] Read More

“We were lying on the bedroom floor under a mattress,” says Gill Jones, former BMS World Mission worker in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “There was a sniper holed up on the corner of the compound. We could see all the soldiers fighting. Mortar fire was going over us, and you’d wait for the bang.” […] Read More

I’m driving through Kolkata, West Bengal, in a yellow bus. Motorbikes, three-wheeled auto rickshaws, pedestrians, taxis and cars weave in and out of each other and us. Everyone hoots, it’s noisy – to an outsider, chaotic – but it seems to work. There were already about 15 kids on the bus when I climbed on. […] Read More

Saru woke up unable to move her legs; she’d been unconscious for a week. She had no recollection of her family taking her to the hospital in Lucknow, India, of the doctors saying she would die or of her journey home to western Nepal. As she woke, her family told her what had happened – […] Read More