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Author Sarah Griffith

Most Americans say the federal government is more responsible than organized religion for caring for the poor, according to a recent review of poll data. “A review of Gallup poll data shows that, on one hand, Americans are very religious but that, on the other hand, Americans have been more likely to think that government, […] Read More

Black History Month gives churches opportunity to celebrate both historical memory and Christianity’s role in social reformation in the United States, said an Alabama history professor. “Religious groups ought to participate in and support historical memory, particularly when it revolves around issues of church and ethics,” said Wayne Flynt, professor of history at Auburn University […] Read More

Black History Month is a time to celebrate black history but also cultural history and ethnic diversity, said an Atlanta, Ga., pastor. “We do not emphasize black history but cultural history,” said Emmanuel McCall, pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga., and vice-chair of BCE’s board of directors, about the church’s celebration of […] Read More

Immigration ranks fairly low among social concerns for most Americans, according to the December 2000 issue of American Demographics. “The public, in general, seems to be more concerned about illegal immigrants than legal ones; Americans hold both positive and negative attitudes about immigration,” read the article. Both United States-born and foreign-born American citizens said most […] Read More

The South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) issued an e-mail memorandum today clarifying an earlier memorandum urging South Carolina pastors to endorse former Sen. John Ashcroft’s nomination in their churches. Scott Vaughan, marketing director for the SCBC, said the memorandum Jan. 26  was not an endorsement of Ashcroft but a protest against Sen. Fritz Hollings’ (D-S.C.) […] Read More

The South Carolina Baptist Convention (SCBC) sent an e-mail memorandum to pastors today urging them to “alert South Carolinians” from their pulpits about “the need to flood” the office of Sen. Fritz Hollings, D-S.C., with requests to confirm former Senator John Ashcroft’s nomination for attorney general. “Please call Sen. Hollings’ Washington office . . . […] Read More

A Fox television series debuting Jan. 10 has attracted critics for tempting “committed couples” to stray from their romantic partners by surrounding them with other attractive and available singles. “Critics have already begun blasting ‘Temptation Island’ based solely on its premise and titillating promotions, which feature scantily clad men and women and a voice-over describing […] Read More

Consumerism was the most misunderstood and important “ism” of 20th-century America, according to a recent article. “While materialism may be the most shallow of the 20th century’s various isms, it has been the one that has ultimately triumphed,” wrote James Twitchell in the November-December Utne Reader. Despite its triumph, consumerism remains unacknowledged as “the central […] Read More

Generation Z (those born from 2000 to 2020) will be more media literate, more diverse and “defy easy classification,” according to a recent article. “For these kids, multimedia will be as prevalent in the classroom as the chalkboard,” wrote Alison Stein Wellner in the September issue of American Demographics. Race and varying family structures will […] Read More

An old urban legend turned recent e-mail hoax regarding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and religious broadcasting is decades old and untrue, according to FCC officials. “CBS will be forced to discontinue ‘Touched By an Angel’ for using the word GOD in every program,” reads the e-mail hoax. “[The] petition, number 2493, would ultimately pave […] Read More