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Author Sara Powell

During the recent conflict between Georgia and Russia, we learned an interesting lesson on the importance of perspective. My husband, one of our daughters and I were hosts to a Russian houseguest. A little background: this particular daughter, a professor, takes a study abroad group to Russia every summer. Her students volunteer in Russian summer […] Read More

My husband and I recently built a new house. We had aspirations of being as ecologically responsible as possible, but we were thwarted at almost every step. If our pockets had been deep enough, we might have been able to accomplish more of what we wanted, but many of the obstacles arose for other reasons. […] Read More

Every morning, all across our country, in big cities and small towns, students come trudging through the doors of our schools. Some come eagerly, anticipating each day; some come reluctantly, overwhelmed by challenges too great for them. Some come from homes where books are read and learning is encouraged; others come from daunting family situations. […] Read More