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Author Sara Powell

My husband went to one of our favorite barbecue places and picked up supper for us. He came home with a sampler platter containing ribs, pulled pork, chicken, slaw, Brunswick stew, bread, chips and some extra ribs. We dug in, ate up and licked our fingers. Good eating with leftovers for the next day. Now […] Read More

Have you ever noticed how often we are never satisfied? For instance, I enjoy working jigsaw puzzles and often have one in the works on a game table. I’ll walk past and think I’ll put in just one piece and be done, but it is rare for me to look for just that one piece. […] Read More

My husband, Bill, a freelance photographer, almost always has a camera nearby and loves taking pictures. One crisp, beautiful day recently we drove past our church, festively decorated for Christmas. We stopped and Bill got out and took his picture. The sky was bright blue, the clouds added to the picturesqueness of the scene, and […] Read More

Probably nothing evokes our area of the country more than a magnolia blossom. Although the trees themselves are impressive with their shape, height and waxed leaves, when the blooms emerge, they almost speak, saying “Deep South.” These trees and their blossoms grace many homes where we live, and we take great pleasure in them. They […] Read More

Some years ago, I found a great birthday card for a friend who, as we sometimes say, marched to a different drummer. The card depicted a marching band with one person appearing to be out of step with the others. The script on the card read, “Everyone’s out of step but you!” I think of […] Read More

In all the hoopla surrounding May 21 – a predicted day for the rapture – several things stood out. First is the fact that the prediction didn’t come true, although those folks who experienced the tornadoes in Kansas and Missouri, the earthquake in San Francisco, the volcanic eruption in Iceland, the continuing floods along the […] Read More

I stayed home from church this past Sunday, not feeling well, and listened to a worship service from First Baptist Church in Athens, Ga. The sermon was about Abraham’s response to strangers: He ran to greet them, offering the best that he and his wife (whose name I share) had. They ended up welcoming the […] Read More

“Hoping Liberia: Stories of Civil War from Africa’s First Republic” is the title of Michael Helms’ 2009 book on Liberia that came out of a mission trip to that country when he was pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Moultrie, Ga. When Olu Menjay, principal of Ricks Institute, thanked the mission team for coming to […] Read More

‘Christmas Trees’

We went and bought our Christmas tree; we looked and looked and looked Before we found the perfect one, shaped just the way we like. We checked it very carefully. We wanted it just right. We paid a price, we paid too much! But what a special tree!   We took it home to decorate. […] Read More

Many of us who seek to minister to “the least of these” do so by giving our time, talents and funds. Sometimes we work in or donate to soup kitchens, clothes closets or other charitable ministries. Seldom do we realize that our compassionate response may be undermining the road to recovery for an individual or […] Read More