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Author Sara Powell

Several issues have become flashpoints in Christian communities. One of these is the inclusion of LGBT persons in local churches and denominations. On most of these issues, a figurative line is drawn in the sand and both individual and organizations are defined by where they stand. The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) has recently adopted a […] Read More

We were honored to be invited to a friend’s home for their Seder dinner on the first night of Passover. It was a meaningful and fascinating experience as we read through the Haggadah (readings that guide the Seder meal by retelling the Exodus narrative) and ate the various foods of the proscribed dishes. We were […] Read More

One of the songs in the cantata our choir is singing this year is about Joseph promising Mary that there is an inn awaiting their arrival in Bethlehem. Of course, we know that when they arrived, there was no room for them. Perhaps if Joseph had used an app on his phone, he could have […] Read More

We live in a predominantly rural area and receive our electricity through an electrical membership cooperative. Recently, our cooperative hired a company to trim branches and tree growth that threatened or might threaten the integrity of their lines, especially when winter storms or severe weather approaches. The tree company took their task seriously; any vegetation […] Read More

The sound of clanging jail or prison doors is jarring for me. I am slightly claustrophobic, and the rare occasions when I have gone behind bars were challenging. I was there to do a handbell program with the choir I was directing. Even though I knew that at the end of an hour or so […] Read More

Our daughter was in the midst of building a house on a hilltop near Clemson, S.C. As I flew south out of the Greenville-Spartanburg airport, I was able to spot her house from the plane. My husband and I spent much time at her house as it was going up, but the perspective of it […] Read More

When columns I have written are used on, there is an identifying line or two at the bottom about who I am: a “former” board member of the Baptist Center for Ethics and a “former” moderator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF) of Georgia. Those lines could also say that I am a “former” […] Read More

Living in the South during Jim Crow days, though certainly less restricted than during the time before emancipation, was fraught with danger for people of African heritage. Even though I grew up in those days, my “white” world in southwestern Virginia rarely intersected with those outside the segregated circle in which I lived. The only […] Read More

I have been blessed with the ability to sing and also blessed to participate in church choirs for many years. During that time, I have sung under a number of choir directors. Some of these ministers of music have been extraordinary in their use of their talents in service to God. Singing under their leadership […] Read More

Especially as we draw close to our quadrennial presidential election, we are inundated with authoritative voices telling us for whom to vote and why. It is often very difficult to find the kernel of truth hidden among the torrent of rhetoric in the various ads, printed materials, speeches, phone calls and even the conversations between […] Read More