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Author Sam Davidson

Sam Davidson is an entrepreneur, speaker and writer who has co-founded four companies, including Batch and Cool People Care.

After nearly three years visiting almost every place that serves Sunday breakfast in Nashville, I think I found the best one – the one that I could visit over and over again. Of course, I need to go there again to make sure that I didn’t imagine it, get lucky or that it doesn’t catch […] Read More

I receive a lot of email from people asking me questions. I’m happy to reply as it allows for intimate idea-sharing as well as a natural back-and-forth that I enjoy. After a recent exchange with a friend who has some big ideas, I kept telling him to share his vision with as many people as […] Read More

On a recent visit to Charleston, W.Va., I had enough time to get a nice run in while the sun was still high in the sky. There’s no better way to explore a new city than by running through its downtown and along its riverbanks.   I left the hotel at the same time as […] Read More

Peter Shankman’s book does for events and publicity what Seth Godin’s books do for brands and companies. At the end of the day, no matter what you’re working on, it better be remarkable to get people talking. And, you’ll never have a shot at remarkable if you don’t dream big, boldly try new things, and […] Read More

Much has been made about Gen Y’s insistence on a balance between their work and their life. The understanding of that balance, however, is different than previous generations, mainly because technology can be invasive, blurring the lines between when one is at work and when one is “at” life. Boomers didn’t need to worry about […] Read More

The Black Swan is the third book I’ve read this year, and it will probably be the meatiest tome I take on for 2009. I picked it up after two friends recommended it, people who live two very different lives. So, I expected a business-type book with universal appeal, complete with numbered reminders and concise […] Read More

You won’t find pipe organs in many places today. You won’t find organ music in many songs, either. Suffice it to say, the organ as a sought-after instrument is fading. So what do churches do that have invested millions into a grand pipe organ? Once, I was consulting for a church. They wanted to get […] Read More

My brother-in-law was banned from watching “Double Dare” when he was a child. Apparently, it made him too hyper when he witnessed the physical challenges that occurred when contestants couldn’t answer the mind boggling trivia questions that Marc Summers threw out there. The physical challenge was truly the hallmark of “Double Dare.” The show pandered […] Read More

This week should be a slow week in most places. Because Christmas is on a Thursday, and lots of people will get the day after that off, expect to see people using vacation days to get a nice week off. I’ll be in Texas for eight days if you need me. Because it will be a […] Read More

You’ll understand why places like Disney are case studies in remarkability when you read Creating Magic. For a company that big to be that good for that long, great leaders have to be at the helm of every aspect of the operation. You’ll understand why places like Disney are case studies in remarkability when you […] Read More