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Author Ron Wilson

Pastors, staff and lay leaders must possess some sense of the terrain over which they lead a congregation. The Alban Institute’s Generation of Faith provides a “congregational atlas” to assist a church’s leadership in understanding how various age generations engage their life and service in God’s Kingdom. Author Carl Eeman, a veteran minister in the […] Read More

“Intimate violence,” how can these words possibly be combined to describe a close, loving male-female relationship? In Healing Violent Men, David J. Livingston provides a theological response for working with men who have been violent with their wives, lovers and children. He also extends a challenge to churches to provide both protection to survivors of […] Read More

A New Religious America

The U.S Constitution begins with the words, “We the people …” In America today our nation is being challenged in numerous ways to redefine what is meant by “We.” Diana Eck sees this as the central challenge facing our country, especially as it pertains to the diversity of religions in America. In her new book, […] Read More

Journey to Jesus: The Worship, Evangelism, and Nurture Mission of the Church is a new book for pastors and church leaders looking for a better way to do evangelism that inspires deeper, long-lasting commitment to Christ. Author Robert Webber brings hope, assistance and a proven approach to reach people and assimilate them relationally into the […] Read More

Lost in Wonder, Love & Praise

A seasoned, senior minister was once heard to say, “I’d rather read books of prayers from God’s people, than to read books about prayer, the how-to of praying. Prayers of the great souls of God provide me with mentors of the heart, setting me free to bring all my thoughts, passions, fears, hopes, and dreams […] Read More

An old, established, downtown church finds its membership dwindling, but meets various sources of resistance to change from within its existing membership. A suburban congregation experiences an influx of twenty- and thirty-something year-old couples with children moving into its neighborhood and attending the church. A consistent chant begins that they desire a more upbeat, contemporary […] Read More