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Author Ron Rolheiser

Ron Rolheiser is a Missionary Oblate priest who serves as president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.

Our society has come a long way in forbidding pejorative phrases that refer to someone‚Äôs race, gender or disability. But one slur still cuts deep and is not yet banned. […] Read More

A student I’d taught decades ago made this comment to me recently. “It’s been more than 20 years since I took your class, and I’ve forgotten most everything you taught. What I do remember from your class is that we’re supposed to always try not to make God look stupid.” I hope that’s true. I […] Read More

Dreaming is sometimes the most realistic thing we can do. Or is there still something else we might do, like public protest, or something else? In his book on prophecy, “Commandments for the Long Haul,” Daniel Berrigan offers this advice. Prophetic gestures aren’t always politically effective. Often, they accomplish nothing that’s practical, but he adds, […] Read More

Moral outrage is the antithesis of morality. Yet it’s everywhere present in our world today and is everywhere rationalized on the basis of God and truth. We live in a world awash in moral outrage. Everywhere, individuals and groups are indignant and morally outraged, sometimes violently so, by opposing individuals, groups, ideologies, moral positions, ecclesiologies, […] Read More

Classically, Christianity has listed seven sins as “deadly” sins, meaning that most everything else we do that is not virtuous somehow takes its root in one these congenital propensities. These are the infamous seven: pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth. In spiritual literature the first three – pride, greed and lust – get […] Read More

Why don’t we preach hellfire anymore? That’s a question asked frequently today by a lot of sincere religious people who worry that too many churches and too many priests and ministers have gone soft on sin and are far too generous in speaking about God’s mercy. The belief here is that more people would come […] Read More

Jesus tells us that in the end we will be judged on how we dealt with the poor in our lives, but there are already dangers now, in this life, in not reaching out to the poor. Here’s how Bryan Stevenson, in his book, “Just Mercy,” teases out that danger: “I’ve come to believe that […] Read More

Nobel-prizing winning author, Toni Morrison, assessing the times, asks this question: “Why should we want to know a stranger when it is easier to estrange another? Why should we want to close the distance when we can close the gate?” Except this isn’t a question, it’s a judgment. It’s a negative judgment on both our […] Read More

A number of years ago, I attended a funeral. The man to whom we were saying goodbye had enjoyed a full and rich life. He’d reached the age of 90 and was respected for having been both successful and honest. But he’d always been a strong man, a natural leader, a man who took charge […] Read More

A real difference exists between our achievements and our fruitfulness, between our successes and the actual good that we bring into the world. What we achieve brings us success, gives us a sense of pride, makes our families and friends proud of us and gives us a feeling of being worthwhile, singular and important. We’ve […] Read More