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Author Ron Rolheiser

Ron Rolheiser is a Missionary Oblate priest who serves as president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio.

People from all religious backgrounds blame their religious upbringing for the struggles they have with self-hatred and guilt. Such struggles can’t be blamed solely on religion. Moreover, that struggle is not always unhealthy. […] Read More

Few virtues are as important as charity. It’s the sign of a good heart. However, being good-hearted alone is not enough. When we live with unjust systems that violate others, we can be blind to our own complicity. […] Read More

To be humble is to have one’s feet firmly planted on the ground, to carry the smell of the earth. Humble folks know they’re not the center of the earth but also know they aren’t second-rate pieces of dirt either. […] Read More

It’s an illusion and a fault in our discipleship to think everything we can possess by our own hard work is ours by right. Wealth and possessions must be understood as ours to steward rather than to possess absolutely. […] Read More

Spiritualities of the Ascent. Spiritualities of the Descent. Spiritualities of Maintenance. Taken together, they teach us to train our eyes upward, not forget to look downward and keep our feet planted firmly on the ground. […] Read More

The path to unity lies not in Christians from various denominations converting each other, but in each of us living the gospel more faithfully so as to grow closer to each other in Christ. […] Read More

Too many folks – families, churches, communities, even nations – believe other people’s problems are not their concern, but such tribalism leaves them in peril. One day, the snake will bite. […] Read More

Our natural instincts serve us well, to a point. When any threats are perceived, our empathy often will slam shut like a trap door. We’re called beyond instinct to empathy. That’s what I learned in a football stadium parking lot. […] Read More

No matter how justified you feel, bitterness and anger are not a good place to stay. Both Jesus and what’s noble inside of you invite you to move beyond anger and indignation and move toward empathy. […] Read More

The gap between heaven and earth is an unbridgeable one that we’ve been trying to close forever. Between rich and poor, victim and racist, hated and hater. To bridge it will involve forgiveness from both sides. […] Read More