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Author Roger Thomas

“The Descendants”

Somewhere along the way, adultery became acceptable. For a while almost every Democrat who ran for president seemed to be surrounded by the rumor of infidelity. Now, assuming Newt Gingrich gets the nomination for president, the Republicans will have nominated two consecutive admitted adulterers. I am pretty sure neither party would nominate an admitted murderer […] Read More

“Take Shelter”

These are uncertain times. Even if you don’t embrace the ramblings of Glenn Beck and a handful of other doom-and-gloomers, there is a lot speculation about the future of our nation and world; it isn’t optimistic. But what if you knew something was coming, something that would disrupt whatever stability you had strived to maintain […] Read More

“Another Earth”

Most people who have seen at least three decades have something of which they look back on with regret: a job not taken, a relationship not pursued, an investment not made, a friendship not saved, a word not spoken. “Another Earth” is a film about regret and remorse. Yes, “Another Earth” is a science-fiction film. […] Read More

“The Perfect Game”

There are always people who want Hollywood to make more wholesome movies. “I am tired of all the sex and violence on screen,” they say. “There is too much profanity in movies today. I want movies that affirm my faith and my values. I do not go to the movies to be offended.”   All […] Read More

As the Oscars approach on March 7, I find myself reflecting on the films I would most like to see again. The films below resonated with me and ultimately found a place on my top-ten list. In their own way, each contributed to my cinematic pleasure this past year. 10. “Avatar” – Breathtakingly beautiful. Stunning […] Read More

Few would argue that “Annie Hall” (1977) is not the definitive romantic comedy of the 1970s. The American Film Institute even went so far as to declare “Hall” to be the second greatest American romantic comedy ever – second only to Chaplin’s “City Lights” from 1931.   Perhaps not quite as absolute a choice, “When […] Read More

“Away We Go”

In the midst of all the explosions, floating houses and pubescent wizards, there is a smaller, more intimate film making its way through the multiplex this summer. “Away We Go” is one of the best discoveries to be found playing in a theater near you.   The story is a simple one. Burt and Verona […] Read More

‘United 93’

There are some people who have made watching “The Passion of the Christ” a part of their Good Friday traditions. I have friends and family members who make a point to watch the film each year. I have not seen “The Passion” since its first theatrical run in the winter of 2004. The images have […] Read More

As we move closer to this year’s Academy Awards, there seems to be more and more discussion about the frontrunner for Best Picture, “Brokeback Mountain.” Most of the discussion, especially among Christian groups, seems to focus on the homosexual relationship between the two lead characters and the liberalism of Hollywood for producing and acclaiming a […] Read More

The Best Films of 2003

Next Sunday the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will recognize achievements in filmmaking by passing out awards—Oscars—to the films it chooses as the best in one of the many categories it honors. So, with those prestigious awards looming on the horizon, here is one reviewer’s opinion of the best of 2003. Five Overrated […] Read More