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Author Roger Olson

Roger Olson is the Foy Valentine professor of Christian theology and ethics at George W. Truett Theological Seminary in Waco, Texas. He is the author of numerous books, including “Counterfeit Christianity” and “The Story of Christian Theology.”

Just a few blocks from my house stands a very large and active mainline Protestant church. I’ll leave the denomination unnamed. Throughout the year, it sponsors and hosts numerous special events including seasonal worship services attended by hundreds if not thousands. Its Vacation Bible School yard signs are all over the neighborhood, and I see […] Read More

Some time ago, during the U.S. presidential election, I asked whether it might be worthwhile to listen to the complaints of American white males who seemed to be supporting Trump in unusual numbers. Many progressives wished simply to dismiss American white males as reactionary whiners, slackers, bigots and fodder for would-be populist tyrants. I questioned […] Read More

I have heard and read many references to white privilege and male privilege over the past several years. These seem to be the only types of privilege that socially progressive people talk about and disparage. Although I sometimes think these phrases are overused, I don’t disagree that our American society still struggles to level the […] Read More

A problem with contemporary American society is that most people tend only to listen to people with whom they already agree. The result is almost complete ignorance of the perspectives of others. The result is a society that is no longer a community; we have no shared values. An example is the abortion debate. The […] Read More

I find one of the greatest ironies of contemporary American Christianity here: What usually is called “conservative Christianity” is really a form of liberal Christianity. So, as usual, it is important to define our terms. Here, by “conservative Christianity,” I mean that sociopolitical expression of Christianity sometimes called the Religious Right and often given the […] Read More

This year – 2017 – many Protestant Christians around the world will be celebrating what they think is the 500th anniversary of the birth of Protestantism. Many consider Oct. 31 as “Reformation Day” and celebrate it as the annual anniversary of the birth of Protestantism because it was on that day in 1517 that Martin […] Read More

It took a newspaper’s syndicated cartoon (“Non Sequitur”) to inform me that the Oxford Dictionary of the English Language now recognizes “post-truth” as a real English word. It means “an adjective defined as relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal […] Read More

I understand liberation theology (in all its forms) as “protest theology” and an attempt to focus Christian thought on pressing issues of social injustice and oppression. I cannot accept it insofar as it is a “replacement theology” sweeping away all other theology. Nor can I accept it insofar as it is a theology done solely […] Read More

I have read many news articles over the past year in various sources claiming that church attendance in the United States is dramatically decreased. The statistics vary a lot, so I won’t bother to offer any here. My point is simply that according to many journalists and other observers and commentators Americans are flocking away […] Read More

I have always found watching sports of any kind boring, but I have assumed that others legitimately found real pleasure in it and simply avoided it myself. Eventually, I began to consider whether organized college, university, professional and amateur sports might have a dark side worthy of critique. I have noticed some. Having admitted my […] Read More