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Author Robert Parham

Robert M. Parham (1953 - 2017) was the founder and executive director of Baptist Center for Ethics from 1991 to 2017. He served as executive editor of, BCE's website, from its launch in 2002 until 2017.

James Dobson’s detractors responded with glee to his announced resignation as chair of the board of directors of Focus on the Family. The reaction of his supporters was muted. Dobson’s decision probably means less than his detractors hope, more than his supporters fear and trouble for both groups. The gay blogosphere sparkled with celebration about […] Read More

President Barack Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress stood light-years apart from President George Bush’s 2005 State of the Union address. Flushed with confidence from his re-election, Bush began, Tonight, with a healthy, growing economy, with more Americans going back to work the state of our union is confident and strong. America’s […] Read More

Jimmy Carter Said What?

With only a few minutes left in his address at the New Baptist Covenant gathering Jan. 31, former president Jimmy Carter asked the 1,200 congregants at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., How many believe we are saved by the grace of God through our faith in Jesus Christ? The congregation answered, Amen. Carter […] Read More

With a growing percentage of Americans avoiding wedlock, the federal government has decided to fund a $5 million media campaign to promote marriage, beginning this month. That’s right, a whopping $5 million. The federal government apparently doesn’t think much about advancing the benefits of marriage in a culture of divorce, non-commitment and children born out-of-wedlock. […] Read More

The cry of “socialism” is the Christian Right’s new sling blade in its attacks against President Barack Obama, disclosing full-throated anger and repeating the same charge as the political right. “I predict the Obama Administration will not only give illegal aliens high paying jobs through this federal infrastructure program, but also citizenship. With citizenship comes […] Read More

A confidential settlement last spring placed money in an irrevocable trust controlled by a court-appointed guardian for a mentally-ill woman named Lucinda Bennett. The guardian had sued the First Baptist Church of West Palm Beach, Fla., and the church’s pastor, Keith Thomas, on the grounds that they relentlessly and systemically solicited money from Bennett to […] Read More

A 60-second TV commercial by America’s Power tells us that clean coal is about belief. Faith in American energy resources, technology and ingenuity is what is needed for us to have clean coal, which will reduce greenhouse gases. Sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), the coal industry’s I Believe commercial says: […] Read More

President Barack Obama gave his personal testimony and issued an altar call to follow the Golden Rule in a clear, brief statement about faith in politics at Thursday morning’s National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. Much of what Obama said, he has said before. He recalled his own family’s religious diversity, noting that his father […] Read More

Our new Web site means a new day for ethics. Be assured that we retain our fidelity to the centrality of Christ in moral discernment and our faithfulness to the biblical witness. We remain dedicated to seeking justice and devoted to the local church as the key to social change. A new day refers to […] Read More

President Barack Obama has reset the nation’s moral compass in his first week in office. Granted much of what he did was rhetorical. He made statements, issued directives and gave interviews. Nonetheless, he struck a new moral direction away from the nation’s failures on torture, global warming and the Islamic world, save one exception. One […] Read More