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Author Robert Parham

Robert M. Parham (1953 - 2017) was the founder and executive director of Baptist Center for Ethics from 1991 to 2017. He served as executive editor of, BCE's website, from its launch in 2002 until 2017.

Baptist World Alliance leader Olu Menjay issued an urgent call for prayer about the spreading Ebola virus in West Africa, underscoring the deaths of more than 600 people mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. “The Ebola virus is serious! Our daily social and cultural practices make it so difficult to follow medical instructions to […] Read More

Remote is a good word to describe the Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution, a prison for women located in rural Alabama. Some 55 miles west of Tuscaloosa and 35 miles east of Columbus, Mississippi, the prison is almost on the Alabama-Mississippi line. It houses approximately 1,400 women. A large percentage speak Spanish as their first language. […] Read More

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) pivoted to Sub-Saharan Africa at its annual gathering this year in Izmir, Turkey, with the election of a new president from Africa and plans for the 2015 World Baptist Congress in South Africa. The move is a wise one, especially given the explosive growth of Christianity in that part of […] Read More

A Twitter hashtag promoting peace during the World Cup showed up abundantly in my TweetDeck, a tool that allows one to track tweets. The hashtag was #pauseforpeace. It was an adept idea launched by the Pontifical Council for Culture, which called for a moment of silence during the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. […] Read More

Undocumented, Central American children flooding across the Rio Grande Valley border and being messily relocated by the federal government across the United States is unsettling. It’s a humanitarian calamity and a political debacle–and a moral challenge for the Christian community. More than 37,000 children–most without accompanying parents–have crossed the border this year. Between 60,000 to […] Read More

The White House’s lack of credibility on war in Iraq is both inherited and created anew. “The first mistake was going into Iraq, the second was getting out,” observed Catholic writer Russell Shaw. “The first of these blunders was George Bush’s in launching an unjust and unnecessary war. The second was Barack Obama’s in pulling […] Read More

What’s Next? has pivoted toward a new future—more intentionally providing faith content for TV. Our decision was quickened by an opportunity with a new African-American TV network—Soul of the South Network (SSN)—to air three of our documentaries, beginning in late July. Launched in May 2013, SSN currently has 16 stations carrying its programming. Its largest affiliate, […] Read More

Secular partisan division is increasingly occupying and harming congregations. So observed a mainstream North Carolina pastor, who told me last week that “politics is destroying the church.” Only a few years ago, one could assume that many right-wing theological churches were encamped in the Republican Party, the broad cross-section of churches was mostly nonpartisan, and […] Read More

A Sudanese court sentenced a pregnant, Christian physician to 100 lashes and death for being married to a Christian man. Her only reprieve is to renounce her Christianity and return to Islam. Born to a father who was Muslim and mother who was Ethiopian Orthodox, Yehya Ibrahim was raised as a Christian after her father […] Read More

Upon hearing that the Black Keys were playing a private concert in Nashville last week–broadcast around the world by SiriusXM radio–I vaguely recognized the band’s name. But I wondered, “What’s the big deal? Who are The Black Eyed Peas? What’s so special about a group to which I don’t listen?” Black Keys does sound like […] Read More