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Author Rob Hewell

Advent will be drawing down any day now. The way we tend to measure these things, the calendar tells us Advent is at an end. Yet, the truth about Advent is that until we arrive at the climactic moment in the story of God’s re-creation – a new heaven and a new earth (Revelation 21) […] Read More

It seems unthinkable to followers of Christ for the terms “Christianity” and “hate speech” to be linked to one another. Yet a recent Internet search for the phrase “Christianity as hate speech” brought a noted response of an astounding “about 1,600,000 results.” Who would assert such a claim? Some of the resulting links were for […] Read More

The book of Acts makes clear that the work of God’s Holy Spirit will highlight, not diminish, the differences between God’s people and the rest of the world. The first nine verses of chapter 17 indicate Paul and Silas arrived in Thessalonica, where Paul contended with the Jews in the synagogue for three Sabbaths. A […] Read More

A recent poll found that Americans, in general, and Protestant clergy, in particular, believe that religious liberty in the United States is on the wane. The poll, overseen and reported by Ed Stetzer, president of LifeWay Research, asked whether or not respondents agreed with this statement: “Religious liberty is on the decline in America.” Fifty-four […] Read More

Worship is a political act. But whose politics? America’s national story and societal landscape are politically vibrant and interlaced with religious and, at times, biblical themes. The messages and symbols of nationalism have frequently incorporated various religious themes in ways that create confusion about everything from the role of church in society to the very […] Read More

Glenn Beck may well be right. We could be on the verge of a revival in the land. At Beck’s recent event, Restoring Honor, he called for a national return to God. But is it what it seems on first blush? Americans are accustomed to hearing God-talk and biblical themes as props for nationalistic grandstanding. […] Read More

Southern Baptist Convention President Johnny Hunt said in a recent interview that “the church is king.”   “If the church is king,” he said, “anyone else that speaks to us is a prince speaking to the king.” Hunt was making a point regarding the relationship between SBC congregations and the denominational structure in continuing his […] Read More