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Author Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is the Columbus Roberts professor of theology and chair of the Columbus Roberts Department of Religion in the college of liberal arts at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.

Globally, there is more uncertainty and anxiety. Old alliances – political and economic – seem to be in flux. Yet, as we enter into Advent, we are encouraged to embrace hope. […] Read More

Today, the life of Rev. Dr. James Hal Cone will be celebrated at Riverside Church in New York City. Immediately after the service, his mortal remains will be interred at Fair Lawn Cemetery in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Over the last week and more, the story of Cone’s rise from Jim Crow Arkansas to a […] Read More

May 13, 2014, would have been the 101st birthday of William Richard Tolbert Jr. Thirty-four years ago, April 12, 1980, Tolbert, the 20th president of Liberia, was assassinated in a coup d’état that ended the so-called First Republic of Liberia and served as a prelude to 34 years of decline, war and struggle. Now Liberia […] Read More

Liberian Baptists are moving. Literally. Hundreds have gone on foot in the last 10 days. Hundreds more have crowded into cars and hit the roads during March. In Liberia, the roads usually hit back. Fifty miles or so outside of Monrovia, paved roads become a memory to yearn for, replaced by dirt and sand spaces […] Read More

I watched and listened as a visiting missionary stood in front of more than 100 Liberian pastors during a question-and-answer session at the end of a three-day conference for rural pastors at Ricks Institute in Liberia. After a series of questions about the sessions’ content, a pastor asked about an issue that had not been […] Read More

I had the luxury of passing through Duala, Liberia, on a recent trip, but as a passenger instead of as the driver. Usually I am at the wheel with 12 to 15 passengers on the way to an appointment in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital city, or by myself making a grocery run. As a driver, I […] Read More

When the author of the Gospel of Matthew gathered up the implications of the resurrection of Jesus, he created a multimedia mosaic of sight and sound (see Matthew 28:16-20). The implied panoramic view from an unnamed mountain in Galilee challenges the depth-of-field capacity of careful readers. Horizons from mountaintops recede to a vanishing point, but […] Read More

Can Jews, Christians and Muslims coexist? Yes. Imagine a man who, as a child, lived next to a synagogue in the West Indies and attended a Dutch Reformed church. Imagine, further, the same man as a young adult who arrived in Liberia under the auspices of the New York Colonization Society and, with funding from […] Read More

Soon after I arrived in Liberia at Ricks Institute for the first time in February 2007, I learned “small, small.” The lesson still evokes my emotion. When I arrived, the wars were fresh memories and evidence of the conflict was ubiquitous. The road from the airport through Monrovia over Bushrod Island and on to Ricks […] Read More

Last week Barack Obama did two remarkable things. First he risked speaking directly to the reality of racism in America and American history. Obama framed his remarks with his signature phrase of “the audacity of hope.” He claimed that his populist candidacy for the presidency is proof that audacious hope has a place in today’s […] Read More