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Author Richard Schweissing

Richard Schweissing, a retired high school social studies teacher, is the former president of the American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains and previously served on the board of American Baptist International Ministries. He teaches U.S. citizenship to immigrants at Crossroads Baptist Church in Northglenn, Colorado, where he also chairs the local missions committee. 

Despite our heritage of religious freedom and the lessons of history, US Christians are quick to use legislation as a crutch to avoid accepting the personal responsibility we have been given. […] Read More

Have U.S. Christians forgotten our historic commitment to taking the gospel to the whole world, especially when that world is coming to them? Many comfortable Christians find the cost too high. […] Read More

I come from a family of refugees. My grandfather fled Germany in pre-World War I to escape the political oppression of Kaiser Wilhelm’s Germany. The family came after the war, sponsored by my grandfather and after losing a younger brother to malnutrition. My father’s contribution to this country included service in World War II, where […] Read More

I teach citizenship classes. One of those classes focuses entirely on rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizens. In my class, I especially emphasize responsibilities. I point out that the responsibility to use our rights for such things as free speech, voting and supporting freedom of worship for all was inherent in the DNA of this […] Read More