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Author Richard P. Olson

Richard P. Olson is retired from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas, where he was distinguished professor of pastoral theology. Olson chaired the planning committee for the ABCUSA-sponsored Midwest Baptist-Muslim Dialogue event. He has authored 17 books with various publishers.

In an increasingly stressful environment for ministers, what will it take to help them stay strong and joyful? Two steps will ensure your pastor remains a healthy and spiritually grounded leader. […] Read More

The third North American Baptist-Muslim Dialogue at the American Baptist Assembly at Green Lake, Wisconsin, took place on April 16-19. What and why is that? A little backstory is needed. On Oct. 13, 2007, 138 Muslim scholars and other leaders signed “A Common Word Between Us and You,” a document stating that Christians and Muslims […] Read More

In reflecting on the question of interfaith relationships, I must acknowledge that I have the most experience and feel the most urgency in the relationship among the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Though I took a seminary course in contemporary Judaism, for most of my ministry my contact with the Jewish community was […] Read More