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Author Rhonda Abbott Blevins

Rhonda Abbott Blevins is an associate with Pinnacle Leadership Associates and serves as pastor of Chapel by the Sea, an interdenominational congregation in Clearwater Beach, Florida. She has a master of divinity from Southwestern Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas and a doctor of ministry from Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta, Georgia. She lives with her husband Terry and sons Jake and Rhys.

Finding your voice as a preacher takes time. It can be more challenging for women who have fewer role models in the pulpit. How do you find your unique voice? Know yourself, play to your strength and preach the good news. […] Read More

For pastors with mixed-politics congregations, here are 3 rules to hold your diverse ‘purple’ churches together as the political discourse grows increasingly toxic when the presidential race heats up. […] Read More

I’ve had three parishioners within the past couple of months express their desire to have a small group where they could explore spirituality. They don’t want Bible study, per se, and they don’t want a contemplative prayer group. We tried that a couple of years ago; it fizzled within a few months. No, these ladies […] Read More

I heard a pastor once emphasize the need for a “theology of place.” His statement was a reaction to a discussion about Emergence Christianity, a movement within the faith with a particular aversion to buildings and real estate. Emergence Christians tend to prefer a more nimble community of faith. The pastor who made the comment […] Read More

When you think about the seasons of the church year, what comes to mind? Certainly Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, and perhaps even Pentecost makes your list. But no one ever talks about a “Season of Thanksgiving.” In fact, Thanksgiving gets one day on the liturgical Christian calendar at best. I don’t feel very […] Read More

“Pastor, we’ve got to do something,” implored the eager parishioner. “We have elderly church members driving at night because we don’t have a transportation ministry. It’s dangerous.” The plea came after one of our church members had a car accident. The driver happened to be the widow of our late founding pastor. She wasn’t badly […] Read More