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Author Reggie Warren

I believe the United States has been guilty of many sins throughout its history, collectively speaking. For example, most will agree that the systematic elimination of many native peoples, the kidnapping and enslavement of hundreds of thousands of people of color, and the marginalization of people based on color, gender, creed and religion were all […] Read More

With all the news about health care, most are familiar with the phrase “pre-existing conditions” that might affect the kind of health care coverage one can access. The intention is simple and understandable, at least from a strictly financial standpoint. If an insurance company or health plan knows or suspects that a person or family […] Read More

Although I grew up in the rural South and cut my spiritual teeth in a small, rural church, I never really fancied myself remaining there voluntarily in adulthood. As a ministerial student, I followed a common track through a Baptist college and seminary. Although I began ministry in a small, rural congregation, I ultimately went […] Read More

I only heard the phrase “compassion fatigue” a few years ago, but I knew what it meant even before I heard it defined. I know I am not as good a Christian as some, but fairly often, I feel burned by someone I am trying to help in some material way. Sadly, a measure of […] Read More

In the interest of best serving small to medium churches, I go to great lengths to build bridges with all constituencies, some with whom I vehemently disagree. Toward that end, I attended a men’s conference in Richmond, Va., with a group from the church I was serving. The format was predictable, a kind of knock-off […] Read More

When I was a week short of my 8th birthday, I vaguely remember John Kennedy’s inaugural address in January 1961. A key quote was, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” We have heard it repeated many times, and it makes me proud to know […] Read More

Potential hypocrisy notwithstanding, here are my 10 questions for the week: No. 1. Why is it that so many political and religious ideologues describe those on the other side of the aisle as “extremist, virulent, heretical and divisive,” while the ideologues on their side of the aisle are labeled “courageous, prophetic leaders”? No. 2. Why […] Read More

Church members view their pastors in many ways. Here are four views. The ruler One view holds that the pastor is the spiritual ruler of the church and that “he” should be deferred to and even obeyed. Such a pastor is placed on a pedestal as one who is spiritually, morally and intellectually above the […] Read More

Harold Camping’s prediction that the end of time would come this past May 21 is thankfully fading from memory. However, most of us know it is but a matter of time before we will be fielding questions that result from the prophecies, prognostications and presumptive pronouncements made by other religious celebrities and misguided headline seekers. […] Read More

I am neither ashamed of nor secretive about being a hunter, fisherman, part-time farmer, a beekeeper and a lover of the great outdoors. I don’t believe any of these practices is inherently harmful or unethical. Occasionally, I get into a discussion with a pacifist or vegetarian. I can actually see and respect their perspectives, even […] Read More