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Author Reggie Warren

When it comes down to actually doing it, the devil is in the details. This seems to be the central challenge amid a lot of talk in Washington, D.C., these days about the importance of compromise as well as assurances on many sides that it is necessary and possible. Admittedly, compromise is difficult. It involves […] Read More

The Baptist General Association of Virginia has a partnership with the Ghana Baptist Convention to launch churches and distribute mosquito nets in the African nation. The goals are to start with about 500 congregations in the outlying towns and villages of the Yendi region as well as to distribute 100,000 mosquito nets under which people […] Read More

Riches and poverty have been on my mind following a recent missional trip to Ghana. This west African nation is a sub-Saharan, impoverished, largely undeveloped country that is multilingual and multireligious. It is hot with lengthy wet and dry seasons. Ghana is poor in many ways, less corrupt and freer than many African nations, devoid […] Read More

Comparing crowd sizes became a surprising focal point following President Trump’s inauguration. By now, most of us have seen overhead shots from the Washington Monument of the crowds at the 2009 Obama inauguration next to images of the Trump inauguration. Pictures of the crowds at Women’s March events held across the U.S. soon joined the […] Read More

I have come up with 10 directives for seeking public office, at least on the national level, based on watching this election season’s political debates. 1. Eliminate middle ground. Moderation must be viewed as the posture of the unsure, the compromiser and the coward. “There is nothing in the middle of the road but yellow […] Read More

Sadly, I believe the chances of current ideas easing racial tensions in America is minimal in the wake of the shootings of black persons by police and the shootings of police, unless things really change on both sides of the aisle. Race relations and tensions in America have a long and sordid history, which does […] Read More

I have been interviewed as a pastoral candidate by more than a few churches and have opted to serve six over the last 35 years of pastoral ministry. Almost always, concerns were expressed as to whether or not I “kept confidences.” Often, it was apparent that both individuals and churches felt betrayed by one or […] Read More

I now risk entering the glutted fray of commenting on Robin Williams’ death. There are likely lots of reasons why it hit so many so hard. He was a contemporary of so many of us. He almost always seemed to smile and he brought laughter to so many. Many would say that he “had it […] Read More

Most readers are more than a little familiar with the encounter between Jesus and his disciples that is recorded in Matthew 16:13-20. It began with Jesus asking the disciples what people were saying about him. Responses varied, but when Jesus asked the disciples what they thought about him, Peter declared, “Thou art the Christ.” Jesus’ […] Read More

It is no secret that many churches and other charities are financially troubled—and not only because of a downturn in the economy. There has been a documented downward trend in personal giving, especially to churches, during the last several decades. While the U.S. is one of the most generous nations in the world, and while […] Read More