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Author Rebecca Brown

After berating a nearby man for smoking, the street preacher outside of Masjid Omar Ibn al-Kuttab in Columbus, Ohio, returned to his anti-Islamic commentary. “Muslims go to hell. … You don’t know the words of Jesus. John 14:9!” He shouted with his arms in the air. “Jesus said, ‘If you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the […] Read More

Editor’s note: This post contains some language not appropriate for younger readers. The situation could have been volatile to say the least, yet with fortitude the Muslims on Riverview Drive in Columbus, Ohio, and all those outside of Masjid Omar Ibn al-Kuttab practiced great restraint in the face of incredible offense. Bullhorn in hand, the […] Read More

My generation (I’m a Millennial) used to ask, “What would we have done during Nazi domination?” In some ways, the question is no longer theoretical. The so-called Islamic State has come to represent a new threat to global security. ISIS has captured the attention of us all. From domestic fears of rogue terrorism to toppling […] Read More