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Author Ray Furr

While Independence Day provides US churches with the opportunity to celebrate religious liberty, they must be careful to not cross the line and transform their worship services into a patriotic pep rally. […] Read More

While headlines of people losing their retirement savings shock the world, pension board executives say diversity and long-term investments help Baptist retirement plan funds weather bear markets. People who lose their life’s savings usually have all their money in a few companies, but Baptist retirement plan investments are made in hundreds of different companies to […] Read More

Cheryl Certain taught her children at home for six years. She found homeschooling rewarding—and grueling. Nobody knows for sure how many children are homeschooled, but in 2001 the National Center for Education Statistics estimated between 709,000 and nearly 1 million students in grades K-12 were receiving their education at home by a parent. In her […] Read More

Ignorance is the greatest barrier to good nutrition and healthy living, according to popular author, educator and physician Andrew Weil. “I would say the biggest obstacle (to healthy living) is the lack of education and information,” Weil told in a recent interview. “If people had the right information I think they would make better […] Read More

Jesus freaks and atheists, revolutionaries and apoliticals, sexually puritanical and promiscuous, you could find just about any type of commune in the 1960s. Only a few of the original communes are still active, but there is a growing number of “modern” communes—referred to as intentional communities—sprouting up around the nation. These communities are just as […] Read More

Communal living is not for everyone. To live and work in the Iona Community is not just a job; it is a way of life. Iona is one of the oldest and most successful intentional Christian communities in existence. While Iona is a commune for those who live and work there, it is also a […] Read More

July Fourth is an opportunity for churches to celebrate religious liberty, but it is not a time for holding a patriotic pep rally, according to a church-state expert. “A healthy sense of patriotism is good. But we are Christians first and Americans second,” Brent Walker, executive director of the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, […] Read More

While previous generations have given into their aging bodies, baby boomers are not buying it. They are learning how to rewind the clock with simple, sensible lifestyle habits. There is no magic pill and no one has found the fabled fountain of youth, but researchers are showing that the most dramatic causes of the body’s […] Read More

Jell-O mud-wrestling, egg-throwing contests and bowling with frozen turkeys may be recreation to some people but to a former missionary who has seen hunger firsthand, these games are not fun—they are wasteful. One in 10 households in the United States is living with hunger or is at risk of hunger, while about 27 percent of […] Read More

Children who are overweight and obese may soon have as much costly preventable disease and death as cigarette smokers, according to a 20-year Center for Disease Control study released this month. CDC researchers found that the number of children who are overweight and obese has nearly tripled. And the hospital costs of children with obesity-related […] Read More