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Author Raouf Halaby

Just a few days after Jan. 1, 2007, our Sunday school facilitator commenced the morning discussion by posing the following question: “Where do you encounter God?” The answers were varied: “in the Scripture,” “in prayer,” “in church,” “in the laundry room” (it was one housewife’s only private time for introspection), and “in friends” were some […] Read More

While surfing cable channels in mid-July to catch up on the macabre situation in Syria, I caught the last 90 seconds of a report on a U.S.-funded “weapons fair.” “The Business of Kaboom” featured a handful of foreign reporters touring a remote desert area of Jordan. From what I gleaned, the United States has provided […] Read More

Politicians have convinced U.S. citizens for 60 years that some of the world’s tyrants and dictators are “strong and dependable allies of the U.S.” To wit, the State Department’s official statements about Hosni Mubarak during the first few days of the recent Egyptian uprising. The emergence of two superpowers soon after World War II set […] Read More