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Author Preston Clegg

Preston Clegg is pastor of Second Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The well-supported god of white supremacy is often the one that many Christian churches actually worship. This god offers them a worldview in which they are both hero and victim of a country amid dramatic demographic transition. […] Read More

White supremacy has a subtle catechesis, or religious education. Its god trains people to see the world through the lens of the white gaze. Often worshipped at the altar of patriotism, it dominates through power and control. […] Read More

To help learn the lessons from one of America’s worst domestic terrorist attacks, Second Baptist Church of Little Rock, Arkansas, placed 237 crosses on its lawn to remember the 100-year-old Elaine Massacre. […] Read More

A chasm splits the minds and hearts of many church members. The Bible is on one side; their LGBTQ loved ones on the other. That chasm, however, does not exist. Jesus has already brought both sides together. […] Read More

Be afraid, be very afraid. This is the motto of our age. Fear is in the air. We breathe it in, and it travels up and down our bloodstream, from our heart to our head and back again. Fear becomes part and parcel to our very being. It cultivates paranoia that has no rootedness in […] Read More

I typically don’t think much about ashes except for Ash Wednesday. Last week, I participated in a strange, ancient ritual in which I smeared some ashes in the shape of a cross on peoples’ foreheads and said something like, “Turn from your sins and follow Jesus” or “Remember you are dust and to dust you […] Read More

The people of Second Baptist Church in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, entered into a season of discernment three or four years ago for our next missions venture. The congregation prayed for a vision from God and was polled to identify passions, gifts and concerns in the local community. Our hope was to impact the root […] Read More

A friend asked me recently if the corporate church had ever publicly denounced and repented of the sins of its past. I found this to be a novel idea, and I’ve begun thinking about the Christian church’s collective sins during the Lenten season. What would it look like for the church to walk down the […] Read More

The celebration of Easter is just around the corner. Lillies will populate the sanctuaries, crowds will fill the pews and trumpets will announce the most unthinkable news in human history. It is a day of victory and celebration – and rightly so. Between now and then, however, lies the season of Lent. Many Baptists are […] Read More

In Arkansas, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is also a day to honor Robert E. Lee. How one day can hold that ironic juxtaposition of figures together I’ll never know. I assume someone thought the day was big enough for both of them. Both Lee and King cared passionately for their causes. However, one sought to […] Read More