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Author Phil Jump

If I told you that I had been to a multicultural church, I wonder what you might expect me to have encountered. At the very least, I guess, a congregation that comprises different races and nationalities, seeking in some way or other to express a common identity as the Body of Christ. And there are […] Read More

I was hopelessly hooked on this summer’s Olympic Games, fueled no doubt by the blistering success of Team Great Britain. As medal winner after medal winner was paraded before an adoring public, it was hard not to want to feel part of the success. In their various media interviews, they have also dutifully remained on […] Read More

I believe there is nothing more significant that a Christian can do than introduce a fellow human being to the message and person of Jesus. There is no more important task for a local church than to help people discover and become faithful followers of Jesus. This is a task of truly eternal proportions. Yet, […] Read More

The issue of trust is one that has increasingly found its way onto our political agenda, yet sadly it is often for the wrong reasons. A January 2015 MORI poll indicated that only 16 percent of the British public trust politicians to tell them the truth, placing them behind even journalists and estate agents. Of […] Read More

Romania’s entry into the European Union (EU) in January revealed immigration fears within the United Kingdom and evoked responses from British Baptists. Tony Peck, who for many years was a regional minister in Yorkshire in the U.K., now works as secretary of the European Baptist Federation (EBF). EBF was founded shortly after the Second World […] Read More

Had it not been for the underlying prejudices, the scene on New Year’s Day 2014 was almost comical. A young man found himself “mobbed” in the arrivals section of London’s Heathrow airport. With a mixture of indifference and bewilderment, he shrugged off the attention of a frenzied media, explaining he had “just come to work.” […] Read More