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Author Paul Montacute

Our Responsible Response

We are overwhelmed by statistics. This year, 11 million children under the age of 5 will die from preventable diseases. Forty million people are HIV positive worldwide. Those living in extreme poverty, which means that they survive on less than U.S. $1 a day, number over one billion. Almost half of the world’s population has […] Read More

Baptist leaders from tsunami-affected areas met with representatives of Baptist relief and mission agencies May 6-7 in Bangkok, Thailand, to review the help being given. The roundtable was co-sponsored by Baptist World Aid, the relief-and-development arm of the Baptist World Alliance, and the Asian Baptist Fellowship, a regional fellowship of the BWA. More than 40 […] Read More

“From Relief to Relive”–that was the slogan in the Chennai, India, offices of Baptist World Aid partner, the Churches Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA). Two months after the devastating Dec. 26 tsunamis, the recovery work is moving on from relief to rehabilitation. While there are still some urgent continuing needs, much of the work is […] Read More

A hot and humid day in Indianapolis did little to warm my soul as I walked around the Southern Baptist Convention exhibit hall. I felt lost and lonely. Where were my Baptist friends with whom I have worked with and through the Baptist World Alliance for over 20 years? With my first love being youth […] Read More

How Rich are You?

I’ve always been poor. When I was growing up we never had a car, and relied on sturdy old bicycles to get around. For years I traveled on a seat on the cross bar of my Dad’s bike, while my sister sat on a little seat just behind my mother. My older brother had a […] Read More

I Missed the Super Bowl

I missed the Super Bowl and also BWA Day. Well, not exactly. I expected that I would be celebrating the annual Baptist World Alliance Day, and watching the Super Bowl, somewhere. That “somewhere” turned out to be in Pyongyang, North Korea (DPRK), and I did manage to have one Baptist with me. Bela Szilagyi from […] Read More

It is now three weeks since past and present leaders of Baptist World Aid asked the chair of the Southern Baptist Convention’s committee on its relationship to the Baptist World Alliance to substantiate its accusation that the BWA has funded “questionable enterprises through Baptist World Aid.” On Dec. 23, four days after the release of […] Read More

Youth on Mission

Ten years ago the 12th Baptist Youth World Conference was held in Harare, Zimbabwe, and it had a tremendous impact on participants. Tony Campolo from the United States and Steve Chalke from the United Kingdom challenged the delegates to become involved in mission, and many took up the challenge. Tony suggested that many delegates had […] Read More

The hypnotic beauty of Bangladesh surprised me. As we set out into the countryside at dawn, the reflection of the deep green and golden crops was reflected in the water. This was my first visit to Bangladesh, and it was hard to imagine that this is the country that tops the league for government corruption, […] Read More

Hungry All Year Long

Do you ever see or read such a tear-jerking news story that you couldn’t wait to respond? Our hearts are torn by pictures and stories of suffering, especially when they involve a young child. Recently, my friend and colleague, Michael Mutale, the general secretary of the Baptist Convention in Zambia, shared with me such a […] Read More