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Author Paul Hobson

Paul Hobson is editor of The Baptist Times of Great Britain, the online newspaper of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Congregations have a new online resource to help them reflect and act on the issue of human trafficking. The recently launched Freedom Sunday resource pack has been created by the Joint Public Issues Team of Baptists Together (the Baptist Union of Great Britain), the Methodist and United Reformed Churches with a host of other churches […] Read More

Pro-Russian separatists are increasingly targeting evangelical Christians in eastern Ukraine—beating, torturing and even killing them. Such has been the escalation of attacks in recent months in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Evangelical leaders have issued a statement calling out religious persecution and calling on the international community to prevent the situation from worsening even more. The […] Read More

Christians in Mosul have been ordered to leave the city or face execution by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants. As a result, Mosul is empty of Christians for the first time in the country’s history. According to Middle East Concern, an association of Christian agencies seeking human rights for Christian communities in the Middle […] Read More

More than 350,000 refugees from the fighting in South Sudan are expected to flee across the border into Ethiopia in the coming months, according to Christian Aid, a Christian relief agency. Six camps in the Gambella region, the main Ethiopian entry point, are already severely overstretched with nearly 140,000 refugees registered, and more than 1,000 […] Read More

Tougher penalties for human trafficking announced in the Queen of England’s speech have been welcomed across the United Kingdom. The annual speech commences the Parliamentary session and sets forth the agenda for the coming year. The measures in the Modern Slavery Bill give new powers to courts and ensure compensation is paid to victims. In […] Read More

Problem debt is putting stress on family relationships, damaging children and trapping families in a downward spiral of borrowing in the United Kingdom. A total of 2.5 million children live in families with problem debt; they’re behind on more than $8 billion (about 4.8 billion pounds) of household bills and loan repayments. A further 5 […] Read More

The rich 200-year association between Jamaican and British Baptists will be marked by a series of events this year. The links began when Jamaica invited British missionaries, such as John Rowe, to support the growth they were experiencing under George Liele, a freed slave from the United States who planted the first Baptist churches in […] Read More

Peter Thomas Stanford was born on a plantation in Virginia and kidnapped by Native Americans. But from these unpromising beginnings, he would go on to become an educated and respected justice campaigner who crossed the Atlantic and thrived in the United Kingdom as minister of Highgate Baptist Church in Birmingham. His story, with echoes of […] Read More

Working in healthcare and interested in the spiritual side of care? A new Twitter feed created by a Baptist chaplain might be of interest. The @WeChaplains account is designed to provide a forum for those working in health care to discuss and be resourced in spiritual care. It was set up by David Southall, an […] Read More

On March 4, the Euro-Asiatic Federation, which brings together many of the Baptist unions that were part of the Soviet Union, including Ukraine and Russia, issued a statement calling for a peaceful negotiation to the situation. Quoting Jeremiah 6:16, it said “it is never possible to solve a country’s internal difficulties with outside force.” Calling […] Read More