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Author Paul Beasley-Murray

Paul Beasley-Murray retired after 21 years of ministry as the senior minister of Central Baptist Church in Chelmsford in the United Kingdom. He is currently serving as the chairman and general editor of Ministry Today U.K. and as the chairman of the College of Baptist Ministers. He is the author of numerous books and articles, including “Living Out the Call,” a four-volume series on pastoral ministry.

Many retired Baptist ministers in the United Kingdom have chosen to worship in Anglican churches. Despite the theological differences between the denominations, most ministers found the transition relatively easy. […] Read More

Baptism is much more than saying we love Jesus. It’s that great moment when we nail our colors to the mast and declare we belong to Jesus, for now and for eternity. Baptism is not just for believers; it is for disciples. […] Read More

The best way to ensure your church has a large base of willing volunteers is for the minister to praise them publicly for their achievements. And that works both ways; let your ministers know their work is appreciated. […] Read More

By Paul Beasley-Murray – Not all retired ministers feel welcomed when they try to settle in a local church. Most feel God still has a call on their lives. Here’s how your church can help them find outlets for their gifts and experience. […] Read More

The church has public rites of passage for life’s major events – birth, marriage and death. Perhaps we need more rites of passage, some of them private, for other life transitions. […] Read More

Should your church “go Coptic” on Christmas Eve? I love Christmas – and all the Christmas services. Yet, in the memory all too often one special service merges into another, and none really stands out. So, this question arises: How might we create a truly memorable Christmas Eve service? In respect of the Christmas Eve […] Read More

A Sept. 22 headline in The Telegraph proclaimed this: “Bible passage used to stop women become ordained ‘added later,’ academic claims.” The academic in question is Philip Payne, who in the October 2017 issue of “New Testament Studies” argues that 1 Corinthians 14:34 (“Women should be silent in the churches. For they are not permitted […] Read More

John Stott once declared, “All true Christian preaching is expository preaching.” In my judgment, he is right. And yet there is more to preaching than expounding a text. We need to know what God through the Bible is saying to us now. It is not enough to understand what God said hundreds of years ago. […] Read More

Grieving is part of the cost of loving and takes time. It is generally reckoned that the grieving process can take anywhere between two to five years, and in some cases even longer. Clearly, the latter part of the grieving process will not be as acute as the first few months. But thank God, time […] Read More

Some 2,000 years ago, Jesus said to a handful of disciples, “I will build my church and the powers of death shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). At the time, it must have seemed the strangest of promises, but today we can celebrate that Jesus has kept his promise. Down through the centuries, Jesus […] Read More