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Author Pam Durso

Pam Durso is executive director of Baptist Women in Ministry.

No matter what we believe of Jefferson’s faith commitment, he himself believed he was a Christian. In a letter to Charles Thomson, he declared, “I am a real Christian.” Late in life, Jefferson also wrote that he “was a sect to himself.” He served as a delegate to the House of Burgesses in colonial Virginia, […] Read More

Like many public figures of the day, Washington was reticent about sharing his views on religion, but his letters, diaries and speeches reveal that many of the stories about his religious views had no factual basis. Washington’s words seem to indicate that he was a man of faith, a man looking for God’s guidance and […] Read More

No one knows precisely what Lincoln thought or how he coped with so much tragedy, but many of his associates noted that he frequently had a Bible in hand. He also began to integrate the scriptures into his personal and political vocabulary. To most Americans, Abraham Lincoln was the great political and religious leader who […] Read More

The fascination—even obsession—with the celebration of Christmas has not always been part of the American landscape. In fact, the earliest Americans opposed and even made laws against the observance of Christmas. Many of the Puritan settlers in New England were convinced that Christmas was a “popish” or Catholic celebration. These settlers had left the Church […] Read More

Churches need to take seriously their responsibility to support and minister to families blessed by adoption. This task is not an easy one, for the most helpful ways in which to minister to these families is not always obvious, and ministering to adopting couples can be confusing, given that there is now a great variety […] Read More

A Personal Story of Adoption

Our journey through the adoption process and our entry into parenting has not been without bumps in the road, but the fact is that our eight-year experience with adoption has been the best experience of our lives. When my husband, Keith, and I married in 1987, we knew that the chances of our having a […] Read More

Some critics have labeled Lucy a scheming wife whose manipulative tendencies undermined the biblical marital model. In the 1950s, more than 40 million people watched the show each week. Reruns have aired most every day since the show was canceled in 1957, and scripts of the show have been translated into hundreds of different languages. […] Read More

I strongly disagree with her ideas about the place of women in the world and in the church. Yet she is, for me, a model of what Christ calls each of us to be and do. She lived and breathed the gospel. Every day of her life, no matter where she was or what she […] Read More

In his 1972 book The Denominational Society, Roman Catholic Priest Andrew Greeley predicted that organized religion and denominationalism were so important to the fabric of America that, despite the skepticism of sociologists of religion, denominations would continue to be a vigorous part of American society for many years. Greeley’s prediction did come true. Denominations are […] Read More

Every December I find my Mormon Tabernacle Choir tape and listen to the beautiful sounds made by that well-trained and dedicated group. Whenever I see television commercials produced by the Mormons, I am inspired and touched. And when two young, attractive and friendly Mormon missionaries came by my house last fall, I was impressed by […] Read More