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Author Norman Jameson

Norman Jameson is a writer and fundraising consultant in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he is a member of Ardmore Baptist Church.

As long as they’re willing to give up their tax-exempt status, U.S. churches can endorse candidates or play politics from the pulpit. For the danger of politics and religion mixing, look at China. […] Read More

Each Monday, I go to a local elementary school to be a reading buddy for a second-grader named Patrick. Patrick’s school is in the part of town I don’t drive through without locking my doors. It anchors blocks populated with old, wounded cars parked half onto the sidewalks in front of old, weary houses. Girls […] Read More

When I’m at my best, I’m muslim. Now, before you write First Baptist Church of High Point, North Carolina, and demand they rescind my ordination as a Baptist minister, take a deep breath and hear me out. I helped to organize a “Stranger to Neighbor” event held Feb. 11 at Anoor Islamic Center in Clemmons, […] Read More