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Author Nick Megoran

Many churches build their Advent services every year around a prophecy in the ninth chapter of the book of Isaiah that calls the coming Savior “the Prince of Peace.” Yet, for much of its history, Christianity has been the cause of, or at least the excuse for, killing and destruction by warring kingdoms, states and […] Read More

Baptist minister Martin Luther King Jr. visited Newcastle University in northeast England on Nov. 13, 1967, to receive an honorary degree. The story behind this remarkable occasion was remembered on Nov. 13, 2017, in a series of events at Newcastle marking its 50th anniversary. But for Baptists in particular, it is worth remembering because of […] Read More

Horrifying stories about child abusers are never far from the news. The concern that strangers will abduct or otherwise abuse vulnerable children is one of the distinguishing fears of modern life. For older children, fear of abduction has taken on a sinister new dimension with the advent of Internet grooming, requiring parents to be ever […] Read More