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Author Nick Lear

Nick Lear is a regional minister of the Eastern Baptist Association in the United Kingdom.

The young adults I worked with during my time as a youth minister all had the same question on their minds. As part of the program that we ran, we would talk with young people about relationships and sex. Every youth wanted to ask the question, but few had the courage to speak out (especially […] Read More

Many changed their Facebook profile picture so that it temporarily shows a French Tricolour across their image to show solidarity with the French people following the horrendous attacks in Paris. I felt moved to do the same. I wanted to express my horror at what had happened but almost immediately I was made to feel […] Read More

A few years ago I had a series of Botox injections in my forehead. It was not for cosmetic purposes, but rather to try to alleviate the pain I was experiencing from a chronic migraine headache. Sadly, it did not work. It did make a significant difference to the lines on my forehead (they disappeared) […] Read More

After giving a shameless plug for a magic show I will be performing, another term came to mind that set me thinking and reflecting: “blameless shrug.” One of Bart Simpson’s catchphrases is “I didn’t do it!” It’s sometimes closely followed by, “Nobody saw me do it; you can’t prove anything.” I think viewers find that […] Read More

It feels like we are being inundated with bad news in the form of numbers at the moment. Tragic events are measured in the number of deaths and injured people. The aggression of a country, organization or faction is measured by how many of their enemies they kill or maim. The culpability of countries, organizations […] Read More

Earlier this year, our family switched to an energy company that uses more renewable energy and was less expensive than other providers. I looked at our usage online recently, which revealed that in the summer months our energy usage is much lower than it will be in the winter. We use less gas because there […] Read More

I can remember once being told that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. It was said tongue-in-cheek, but only slightly. The premise for that maxim is that getting permission can be time-consuming and requires a degree of tact and diplomacy. You also have to be adept at patiently explaining yourself, so it […] Read More

A long time ago in a church far, far away, I received a rather critical letter in the mail. A friend and colleague in the church had been sent the letter as well. As soon as he received his copy, he called me. During our conversation, he urged me not to respond for 24 hours […] Read More

Why We Are So Quick to Condemn

In the United Kingdom, we are acutely conscious of the rising cost of electricity, and electric providers are replacing banks as “Public Enemy Number One.” Two thoughts occur to me as I reflect on this media-led vilification. First, a sizeable proportion of our electricity consumption is for gadgets and appliances on standby. If we all […] Read More

I have recently had an invitation to renew my car insurance online. The cost seems to be significantly higher this year. The email I received explained that this is because insurers in the United Kingdom can no longer take a customer’s gender into account when preparing their car insurance. I’m not sure why that makes […] Read More