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Author Nathan Napier

Communicating the simple message of Jesus while emphasizing the importance of faith seeking understanding through critical thinking is one of the more pronounced tensions in local church ministry. How can we maintain the simplicity and centrality of Jesus’ message while also maintaining the continual quest for truth and knowledge if we already know what saves […] Read More

Graduation commencements usually are not very memorable. We’ve all been to our fair share and precious few of us can remember much of what the honorary guest speaker, impassioned with conviction, told us that day. The 2008 graduation commencement at McAfee School of Theology has proved to be an exception for me. Perhaps I paid […] Read More

We’ve all been there. Recent college or seminary graduates excited to teach our future churches all the wonderful things we have learned about biblical studies in order to open up the newest vistas of biblical truth and knowledge, only to find that our congregations are not nearly as excited as we had hoped. There are […] Read More

Palestinian Christians are a forgotten people. They are the Christians in the world that other Christians have almost completely forgotten or don’t even acknowledge exist. The recent conflict in the Middle East makes this glaringly clear. Several years ago, I had the privilege of visiting the Middle East as part of an educational experience through […] Read More

“We have to love all people because Jesus commands us to do so, but that doesn’t mean we have to like them.” We hear this too much and too often by Christians who pretend to be friends of Jesus. Who are we fooling? When has it ever been possible to love something, or someone, without […] Read More

Accolades for the movie “The Social Network” should get the church’s attention. The church can normally dismiss the latest entertainment phenomenon as a fad, but not this time. What is occurring is a new way of creating community and belonging. The internet, and Face book especially, have tapped into people’s desire to be a part […] Read More

Walk into any Wal-Mart across the country and you are quickly going to run into this phrase: “Save Money. Live Better.” It hangs at the main entrance, adorns the ends of aisles, appears atop your receipt. If consumers aren’t sure before they enter, there can be little doubt that Wal-Mart has contributed to our living […] Read More

The church has always had a very ambiguous relationship to money and hard economic times. The Gospels comment frequently on the trappings of money, and the New Testament consistently encourages Christians to give of their means and to share their blessings with the community of faith. But what happens when some of our members don’t […] Read More

Very few theological movements have engaged as much spirited debate and disagreement as has the emergence of “open theism.” For the past decade and a half, chiefly beginning with the publication of “The Openness of God: A Biblical Challenge to the Traditional Understanding of God,” open theism has challenged traditional notions such as God’s omniscience […] Read More

As much national attention is given to terrorism, and along with it the demonization of the Islamic faith, it is surprising that so few commentators have inspected our own Judeo-Christian tradition for traces of violence associated with creed or theological belief. Are Christians simply missing the entire Deuteronomic history and all the violence done in […] Read More