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Author Monty Self

Monty Self is the Senior Staff Chaplain and Clinical Ethicist for the Baptist Health Medical Center Little Rock.

Not all health care plans cover mental health benefits per the Affordable Care Act: grandfathered insurance policies and health care cost-sharing ministries. So why do Christian insurance groups fail to offer mental health care? […] Read More

Even though Sudan has banned female genital mutilation, 30 countries continue the practice, which has been inflicted upon 200 million women and girls. We need the light of public dialogue shined upon this horrific practice to end it. […] Read More

Pharmaceutical companies have rapidly increased drug costs in the past, raising concerns about the affordability of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Government investment in medical research can help control pricing, but the U.S. rarely requires such commitments in exchange for funding. […] Read More

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the ever-present moral distress faced by health care workers ‘into overdrive.’ The local church must mobilize to provide both immediate and long-term support to those on the front lines. […] Read More

The ‘Doctrine of Double Effect,’ developed by Thomas Aquinas, offers a time-tested method for assessing human challenge trials being proposed to streamline COVID-19 vaccine development. […] Read More

Human challenge trials are regularly conducted all over the world. While these trials could aid in rapidly getting a COVID-19 vaccine to market, we have an ethical duty to protect vulnerable populations and mediate the risk. […] Read More

Preliminary numbers reveal African Americans are suffering a disproportionate amount of coronavirus deaths compared to other racial groups. What’s the cause of this disparity? There may be three reasons. […] Read More

To don a mask or not to don a mask. First, the government claims they’re ineffective. Then, we’re told to wear them. So, did the government lie? What is going on here? […] Read More

When tragedy strikes, people start to look for someone to blame for their woes. Even today, leaders are willing to use pandemics like COVID-19 to incite fear and prejudice in order to enact political and economic goals. […] Read More

Would you consider withholding a lifesaving procedure, like CPR, from a COVID-19 patient? Many of us would do whatever we could to save a human life, but the reality for healthcare workers is the answer is not always so clear-cut. […] Read More